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Are there working strategies to win on slot machines?

Many casino games include elements of both skill and chance, but slots are a game of pure chance where everybody has the same chance of winning on each spin. Nonetheless, there are a variety of differences between games that can affect your chances of winning and for those looking to improve their chances there are a handful of things to look out for to have the best chance of winning possible.

Return to Player (RTP)

Slot machines and their equivalents at online casinos will all be set with a specified ratio of the money taken that they will give back to players. As with any casino game the house always wins, but what percentage they will keep for themselves is determined by the return to player or “RTP“, which is generally set somewhere between 92 per cent and 98 per cent – the higher the figure the better for you!

Some online casinos will try and tempt players with RTPs over 100 per cent, and whilst these could be promotional offers to entice players for their first spins, there are no legitimate casinos that will offer such RTP ratios long term as they would be losing money. As a general rule, if a casino offers an RTP over 100 per cent then it would be smart to keep your distance and spend your money somewhere else that is more honest.


You need to be able to trust that any company you spend your money with will act honestly, and no-where is this more the case than gambling. You should be able to learn the RTP of a game before you are asked to put down a deposit, and more than that the operator should be certified and so should each of their games.

It is critical to look out for where a gaming company is located and so where they are regulated. Many of the world’s biggest gambling firms are regulated in the UK by the Gambling Commission or in Malta Gaming Authority, and you can check on the websites of these regulators to make sure everything is proper and correct.

For each game you can look for the eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) seal, which means that the machine will have been inspected and approved by an independent testing laboratory, which has found that it works as intended and will offer players the payout rates and percentages it claims.

More money or more wins?

Some online slot games are connected to a huge network of games, which means that they can offer huge payouts that can be very enticing. However, these huge jackpots are generated because they payout very rarely. Other games sometimes offer lower payouts more regularly, which some people might prefer as it means a greater chance of success in the game even if the money you could win is not life-changing.

Welcome bonuses and special offers

The best way to improve your chances of netting a jackpot for the lowest investment is by making use of the welcome offers and bonuses. For just a small deposit, many operators will give you hundreds of pounds of free extra spins or other promotions, and by making use of these offers you will make the best of your money. The games will offer you the same chances of winning, but with hundreds of free spins you might just get that jackpot.

There are a variety of other things you should check out at online operators before you put down your deposit, including the security of the website and other games available, but by checking these three tips you give yourselves the bets chance of winning.