Benefits of cloud storage for your start-up business

Information and data are very important in running a business. It is important to keep all your files secured. Losing data is something that you do not want to happen to you as it is a nightmare indeed. In this article, we will share some benefits of cloud storage and why you should consider it for your start-up business.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a cloud-computing model wherein data is stored on remote servers accessed via the internet or as they call it “cloud”. It is maintained, managed and operated by a cloud storage service provider.

So why do you need to consider using cloud hosting for your business? Here are some benefits that you can enjoy:

  1. Easy and quick access to your files – do you ever experience the horror of accessing your files from your work computer while you are on vacation? The worst part is when you need a specific file that is only stored locally in your computer and your computer is shut down for some reason so you cannot connect remotely. With cloud hosting, you no longer need to carry around hard drive or send big files to your email or access via remote desktop to access your files while you are away from office. With your files stored in cloud, you can access it any time using any device just as long as you are connected to the internet. With this, you can do your work even anywhere – whether you are stuck in traffic or while on vacation.
  2. Cost efficient – cloud storage eliminates the costs of using external hard drives and other storage devices. There is also no need to hire an entire IT department tol monitor your servers since your files are stored in a secured storage system maintained by third party. These third-party services usually have different packages or plans depending on your business needs. So, you can avail low package to start and then upgrade as you see the need.
  3. Easy and productive collaboration with team members – sending big files through email can be a headache. Sometimes, you even need to send big files which can take forever to upload and download. Well, with cloud storage, you can easily send your team members the link where the files can be accessed then they can open or edit it. The best part is that they can save changes then you will see it real-time. There’s no need to send emails back and forth.
  4. Security and recovery – with good storage solutions, data is encrypted in flight and at rest that unauthorised users are unable to access the files. Also, you are sure that your data are secured against natural calamities or human error like someone accidentally wiping out your drive.
  5. Space storage efficient – do you always receive warning that your laptop or computer storage is almost full that you can no longer save a screenshot or download a file? It is truly a hassle. Well, thanks to cloud storage, you no longer need to delete files every now and then just to free space from your devices.

These are the main benefits that you will experience using cloud hosting service. This is perfect even when you are just starting with your business.