Broken iPhone Screen

Caring for your iPhone

Broken iPhone Screen

For many, iPhones have become an extension of themselves, an item that as necessary as house keys or a driver’s license when leaving the house. You use them to keep tabs on our work, to check the weather, and to keep yourself updated about the activities of your friends. It is essential that you properly care for your iPhone in order to lend additional longevity to its usefulness.

Maximize Battery Life

Under settings, there is an option to display a battery percentage rather than a simple battery image. Though this feature is not useful for extending your battery life, it can help you keep tabs on the activities that are truly draining for your battery and give you a better idea as to when you should reach for your charger. Turning off the Wi-Fi when you’re not using it is a great way of to squeeze a few extra hours out of your phone. Believe it or not, notification services can sap your battery, so it’s highly advised that you turn off these features when you’re not using them.

Protect Your Phone

This should arguably be the first step in protecting your iPhone, but it’s often the most neglected. Cracked screens are not an uncommon sight, yet iPhone users are seldom aware of the dangers of such screens. The sharp edges can pose a threat to your fingers during iPhone usage, and cracks can eventually shatter altogether, leaving dangerous shards in unexpected corners of your purses and pockets. This can be avoided by investing in a quality case for your iPhone; the case should be designed to minimize impact in the event that you drop your phone. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of such covers available. If your screen does crack, you should immediately invest in iPhone screen repair. This will help prevent further damage to your phone.

Keep the Apps You Use

There are hundreds upon hundreds of free apps, each promising useful features or quirky gimmicks. Indulging in these apps can result in an endless cycle of downloading and negligence that can actually impede the performance of your iPhone. If you’re not using an app regularly, chances are good that its updates and mere existence are draining your battery and taking up necessary space on your phone, making other apps more sluggish in the process. A good rule of thumb is the four week rule: if you haven’t used an app in four weeks, consider removing it from your phone. In the odd chance that you do need it again, you can always re-download it as need dictates.

Care for Your Cords

While caring for your iPhone, it’s imperative that you do not neglect the care of your accessories as well. The charger cable that comes with your phone is remarkably fragile, according to a recent Techmaish article. As a result, you should never unplug it by tugging on the cable itself, as that can damage the cable or plugs themselves. Moreover, you should not coil the cable to store it. This rule also applies to any headset that may come bundled with your phone.

Photograph by Patrick Hoesly