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Do It Yourself – Car auto diagnostic with your smartphone

Your car and you

Many see a car as luxury, but with the busy schedule of modern life, it is a part of everyday necessity. Public transportation may be inadequate to cover all the places we want to go and at the right time. Hence, the need for personal vehicles. However, cars must be regularly checked and maintained to be at top shape and also perform optimally. Some checks in a car can be carried out by an individual without going to a mechanic shop. To make it even more convenient, most modern vehicles are equipped with onboard diagnostic (OBD) systems. By connecting the device to the car and then your smartphone, you can effectively determine what is wrong, and in most cases, fix it as well. The OBD2 is used to determine some most typical causes of car problems.

The number one important component of a car are the brake pads. This is because, it can slow a moving car and thereby guarantee the safety of a driver, passengers, and others. Therefore, the brakes should meet the highest standard during production. Smartphones can be used to diagnose all the activities going on in a vehicle. This ranges from the brake pads to fuel consumption and economy, and even the entire engine. It is easy to diagnose an automobile system using a Smartphone. The steps are not complicated. All that is needed is an OBD device and a Smartphone. The OBD devices come in Bluetooth and WiFi versions.

Bluetooth version of Onboard Diagnostic (OBD)

The Bluetooth OBD is commonly used in Smartphones to diagnose car problems. The OBD2 is available in different colours. The iCar1, iCar2, and iCar3 are different versions of OBD devices. They do not differ very much from each other. The iCar2 is the most recommended one. Some claim the iCar3 has issues with stability and live data collection. The Bluetooth version of iCar2 is great for Android phones. However, this does not work properly with IOS, iPhones and iPads because Apple has not yet synchronised its Bluetooth with the iCar2. If you have these products, then, you should get a WiFi version and it will work just fine with your Apple products.

Using the iCar2

It is perfect for phones and tablets. You can keep the devices on the dashboard while driving. If you want to identify a problem in your car engine, you can place the phone on the engine bay while you run a check. You can use a laptop in all the situations as well. Another important aspect is that, there are no problems with cables since you are using WiFi or Bluetooth.

Normally, iCar2 will self-diagnose cars that support an OBD2 protocol. The OBD2 scan tool comes in a small sized compact structure. It can be plugged and never unplugged. One of the biggest advantages is not just limited to being wireless, it also does not use batteries. The adaptor is powered by the diagnosis size sockets. You can review OBD2 scan tool on your phone once it is plugged to the car and connected to your Smartphone device.

Diagnosis on Ford cars

For example, in a Ford Mondeo, you plug it to the OBD port. Switch the ignition on. This goes with the Bluetooth version which is compatible with Android phones. Then you pair it with your phone. Some of the devices come with own password which may not be changed. You can also connect the device on the “Torque” app. Once the phone is connected to the OBD2 device, it begins to display like the dashboard of a car. In the  FORD Mondeo, an app called the “FORScan” works better to diagnose car problems. It gives a lot of specifics about the FORD vehicle which is not available on the “Torque” version.

OBD2 goes well with the Ford Focus too. It will display abnormalities in the car including fuel pump failure. Connecting the OBD2 device to the FORD Focus and then checking on the Forscan app will display the make of the car and scan all the different modules. Most of the modules will indicate if there is an error in the car.

For example, the DIC section gives information about the fuel tank. After finishing with the checks, you can clear the codes by clicking a functionality at the top of the FORScan app. You can then reboot the entire system. Two segments remain after clearing the codes. These are considered normal sections in the FORD Focus. Double check if all the problems in the car are fixed by ensuring no cleared codes return.

The iCar2 turns itself off in 30 minutes after the ignition is cut off. To use it again, press the power button to turn it on. Car and engine performance can as well be monitored from cold to hot and even when driving on the highway.