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Enhance sales performance with proper salesforce dialer setup

When you enable Sales Dialer, phone numbers in Salesforce appear as clickable links. This lets your team get started with the tool in minutes! A Salesforce dialer helps your sales team move through sales lists faster, making them efficient and productive. However, it takes more than just a dialer to enhance sales performance.

Efficient Dialing

With a salesforce dialer setup, agents can automate their calling processes and spend more time engaging with customers. This helps boost productivity, reduce the number of missed calls, and increase sales conversions. It also provides better customer experiences by reducing reps’ time on hold. The Salesforce dialer uses predictive dialing to analyze call lists and identify the best time to contact each one. This saves agents the tedious process of manually dialing each phone number and ensures all customers are connected to a live agent as quickly as possible. With click-to-dial, reps can look up a lead or contact from within Salesforce and click the call button to make the call. This saves 12 seconds per call, up to many hours a year. A quality sales dialer can also recognize when a rep is busy and will route the call to another team member. This will prevent missed calls, which leads to unhappy employees and customers, and it also allows managers and coaches to have more conversations with their reps without switching between multiple platforms to provide on-call guidance or review call performance. A quality sales dialer can also log call data across Salesforce objects, like updating a record or logging an activity or task. This will help reduce manual data entry, which can cost businesses in the U.S. trillions of dollars annually.

Local Presence Numbers

Cold calling is hard enough for sales teams without worrying about prospects rejecting the call because it looks like a telemarketer or robocall. Local presence dialing helps boost connect rates by ensuring that prospects see a phone number they recognize when they get a call from your business. By default, outbound calls use a virtual telephone number with an area code matching your company’s business region. For example, if a rep calls a prospect in San Francisco, the caller ID will show a San Francisco number. When using local presence, the rep selects a specific city from a list of available numbers when setting up their dialer. Choosing a local number that matches the prospects’ geographic location makes them more likely to pick up the call and have an open, honest conversation with your team. This is an excellent way to build trust with your potential customers and improve the chances of a successful sales conversion. Moreover, local presence dialing can also increase return call rates as prospects are 4X more likely to call back when they see a local phone number on the screen. This is especially helpful for businesses operating across multiple states and countries, as reaching more prospects in their local areas is crucial.

Call Recordings

In a highly competitive business environment, gaining customer retention and repeat sales can significantly boost your revenue. It’s, therefore, essential to ensure that your sales representatives can deliver a superior customer experience every time they speak with prospects. Sales call recording is crucial as it provides valuable insights into how customers engage with your team and their pain points. During a sales call, keeping up with the conversation while listening to the customer and taking notes simultaneously can be challenging. As a result, it’s easy to miss important information that could help close the deal. Call recordings eliminate this problem by providing a clear record of what was said during the call, which can help resolve any confusion after the fact. Call recordings are also a great way to provide feedback and coaching to your sales team. Rather than spending hours reviewing each call, you can listen to a recording at any time and provide your feedback right away. This allows you to spot common mistakes or areas of improvement faster and provide more targeted feedback to your team members. In addition, you can use call recordings to create a sales playbook that your team can follow during their conversations with prospects. This can help them improve their performance and increase their chances of closing the sale.

Account Information

With Salesforce Dialer, Salespeople can log important call information like lead and customer accounts in the app. This allows them to save time, as logging activity can be one of the most significant ways salespeople lose time during the day. Using Salesforce dialer software lets outbound sales teams prioritize prospects by their value to your company so that the most important calls are made first. This can dramatically boost sales performance and help you convert more leads into meetings and closed deals. Salesforce dialer software also provides advanced call analytics, such as call time, connect rate and other metrics that give you a complete picture of your sales team’s performance. This information can help you identify what works and what doesn’t. You can then use this data to drive better call outcomes and increase sales. Salesforce dialer software also gives you the ability to customize your calling settings. You can choose the number of calls you want to make in a row, the maximum time you can spend on a single call, and other parameters that will improve your connection and pick-up rates. You can even select local presence numbers to boost your connect ratio. You can also enable call recording to give your team valuable performance feedback and improve future training sessions. You can enable this feature on the Dialer Settings page in Salesforce Setup.