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Falling behind the competition? Here’s why your app could be second-choice

The app industry is increasingly competitive. With new apps appearing all the time and more and more developers jumping into the fray, it can be easy for apps to get lost among the seemingly endless sea of digital content.

Developing an app is a long process that takes a lot of time and financial resources. It can be tough to see your efforts fail to pay off as your app is eclipsed by competitors. Sometimes, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly why this is happening, so we’re here to help. We’ve listed some of the main reasons why your app could be second choice.


Reviews are incredibly important for all modern digital businesses, app developers being no exception. If you are finding that your app is struggling to keep up with the competition and tumbling down the charts, your reviews, or lack thereof, could be a key issue.

When visiting a product page on an app store, or any ecommerce platform for that matter, the first thing a customer will check out is the reviews section. If an app has lots of positive reviews, customers will feel confident that it is a high-quality app and will be far more likely to download it.

Negative reviews will have the opposite effect, they can make your app seem unsafe and untrustworthy and will put potential users off. If your app has no reviews at all, this can be as bad as having negative reviews. Potential users will feel unsure about your product and will be less likely to purchase it.

If your app is struggling in the market, reviews could be the root cause. By using a service like, you can purchase some positive reviews to see better results.

Position in the charts

There are millions of apps across the App Store and Google Play Store, far too many for the average person to use in a lifetime. To help make it easier for users to explore and discover new apps, these stores sort apps into lists and charts.

If your app is way down on these lists, it is highly unlikely that people will discover and download it. This can have a significant impact on your revenue and can see your app become lost to obscurity.

How do these platforms rank apps and place them in the charts? They do so through the use of an algorithm system, which takes a number of different factors into consideration. Reviews certainly play a part, good reviews result in higher positions, while bad reviews result in lower positions.

The number of downloads also plays an important role. The more an app is downloaded, the higher it will be pushed in the rankings. This creates a cycle where the higher the app appears in the rankings the more it will be downloaded, which again pushes it even higher. Get this right and your app’s success could skyrocket at an exponential rate.


Competition in the app industry is intense. If your app is falling behind the competition, it can be difficult to figure out why. However, it is likely a result of both your app’s reviews and its position in the charts.