Get the business funding you need with these simple ideas

Having the right kind of funding behind your business is ultimately what will make it succeed or fail. It’s a difficult period for any entrepreneur, but with the right investments and money in place, you’ll be in a much stronger financial position.

If you’re confident with your idea, your business name and you know the direction you want your business to go in, your cash flow should be your next priority. Read on for how to get the business funding you need with these simple ideas.

Your personal savings

Sometimes, personal funds are the only option, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be at a disadvantage. Whether you use the money in your savings account or your personal isas to fund your business, you’ll be in better control of your expenses and you’ll be more likely to make better financial choices. Credit cards and any home equity you can access are also popular lines of funding that entrepreneurs take. Business progress may take a little longer but you won’t be indebted to anyone which is always a bonus.

Friends and family

Do you have any friends or family who are in a position to help fund your business idea? Even if loved ones can’t fund all of your startup costs, they may be able to provide you with enough funding to cover some of your immediate business expenses. Financial support like this can really get you off the ground and shouldn’t be sniffed at. Asking friends and family for money can feel a little daunting, so, consider putting together a business plan and your financial projections so you can give potential investors an idea of where you intend to be financially, further down the line.

A traditional loan

If you’re struggling for options, then a traditional bank loan could be your most viable option. When searching for a loan, focus on the interest rates and look for a bank that specifically deals with small businesses – you may have more flexible options. To be successful in your bank loan application you’ll need a good credit score, and your company needs to be in its first or second year of business to apply. Some simple research will help you find the right bank loan for you and your circumstances.


Crowdfunding is an incredibly popular way of sourcing investors and getting your business idea off the ground. Online crowdfunding means raising money for your company and it’s a great way to promote and advertise your idea. Potential consumers can purchase products from you before you start manufacturing – ensuring you have guaranteed sales. Or, if your company isn’t product-based then crowd funding can generate funding for your business directly by offering consumers the chance to purchase shares in your business.

And finally, save

A lack of funding for your business can be incredibly frustrating, however if you’re struggling to generate money from other avenues, then consider saving instead. It may take a little more time, but you’ll be more financially confident and have much more economic freedom.

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