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GTA V disappears from Xbox Game Pass after just four months

Xbox Game Pass subscribers have lost access to the wildly popular Grand Theft Auto V after just a few months on the service.

GTA V was released back in 2013 and has become one of the best-selling video game titles of all time, generating over £5 billion in revenue and over 120 million copies sold. Nonetheless, it has only been available on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service since January, giving players just over four months to commit all the crimes the virtual world will allow.

For those that feel they still have a lot of game left to play should be able to pick up a copy of the game for under £25, and with the scale and constant upgrades to GTA Online that should be everyone. If you want to play the latest heist or even plays its online casinos for real money, then picking up your own copy of the game sounds still sounds like a good deal seven years after its first release.

Despite constant updates to GTA Online, gamers have started to become impatient in their wait for the release of GTA 6. Rockstar has dangled the release of the game for years, but with the company still making huge sums from the current iteration of the franchise. If your virtual game is more profitable than even the biggest online gambling operators like Crazyvegas online casino, then there is little incentive to get the next version out the door!

A new leak on Reddit claims the next version is around 60-70 per cent complete, with some predicting the release for some time in autumn 2021. However, the “leaker” has provided no evidence to back up their claims and with other details of their news already provided wrong it could well be that this information is once again the desires of a fan than anyone with real knowledge of the situation.

Maybe the Xbox Game Pass will offer GTA 6 when it is finally released, but in the meantime the service has added the following games to its roster for those looking to while away a few hours during lockdown: Streets of Rage 4 (April 30th, 2020); Hyperdot (April 30th, 2020); Levelhead (April 30th, 2020); Red Dead Redemption 2 (May 7th, 2020); DayZ (May 7th, 2020). And later this month will see Final Fantasy IX and Fractured Minds added to the service as well.

Photograph by Superanton