How cobots can help drive factory profits

Collaborative robots are among the leading robots in the world right now. Many organizations are acquiring cobots for the great financial improvement that they help companies gain.

Universal Robots that pioneered the development of cobots have gained great traction in their sales. Over the last few, they have come from a new company with a new innovation to a market leader in the sale of collaborative robots worldwide.

These robots have gained popularity due to the fact that they help organizations that acquire them to enhance their profitability. Here is how they do this.

Reduce waste in the production process

One of the main ways in which this universal robot from Universal Robots help increase profits is by the reduction of waste in the production process.

Robots from Universal Robots are high accurate and precise. As a result, the production process produces high quality products with little waste. Reduced waste, leads to more products produced. This is as a result of efficient use of raw materials used in production.

Enhance the quality of products

Using robots improves the quality of products produced. Through high levels of accuracy and precision, products made have the exact dimensions as required. As a result, there a little to none poor quality products.

When a company improves the quality of their product, they will find that they will get more and more customers. This helps improve their sales and their profitability as well.

Improve employee morale

Automation with robots is a great boost to employee morale. When robots are added as part of the workforce in a factory, they take over most of the manual, dull and dangerous tasks that employees handle.

Without these tasks, employees are now able to participate in other tasks with less risk of injury or boring tasks. They are assigned tasks that engage their minds more. As a result, they are more motivated to work which leads to increased profitability in the organization.

Increased production

Where companies are facing many production bottlenecks, there are likely to stagnate financially. Introducing robots into the production process helps eliminate the bottlenecks and consequently lead to enhanced profits.

Robots, unlike human beings will not need breaks when carrying out a specific task. Robots can work 24 hours without any additional cost to the company or need for a break. This means that the production process will not stop. Thus, an increase in the number of products available and hence more sales and more profits.

Carry out different tasks

Robots from Universal Robots are not only bought to carry out a single task. The robots are capable to carry out as many tasks as they can and as the factory requires. This means that the company is able to save money on numerous tasks which then goes towards the company’s bottom line.

To enable your robot to carry out different tasks, you will have to buy the required equipment and add-on accessories that add the additional capacity required to complete a given task successfully.


Unlike numerous machines that factories buy, collaborative robots are quite affordable. An investment in cobots sees a return within a short period of time. For those who have already had their robots for a while, can attest that within six months to eighteen months, the robot has paid for itself fully.

There are machines that factories buy and become a loss to the factory or take a very long time to pay for themselves. Once their price is paid back, the robot will only generate a profit for the rest of its lifetime.


Robots are essential in helping organizations move from one level of profitability to another. Universal Robots is keen to take all the feedback that they receive from their customers to ensure that they develop high level robots that are affordable and suitable for small and medium enterprises. Robots that will enable these entities to compete effectively with bigger and well established organizations.