Fibre optics

How fiber internet can benefit your business

Internet installation has numerous benefits both for your business and at home. Until recently, cable connection, with its numerous challenges, has seen many persevere and endure the inconvenience it causes. Unfortunately, the cable cannot match the rising internet demands. In fact, many businesses are yet to tap to this new realization.

However, to guarantee consistent, reliable internet supply, ensure that your credit rating is credible to evade suppliers unwilling to work with you based on low score. With a weak credit score that includes bad credit broadband, only Broadband will accept you as other internet service providers must ascertain your credit score before enlisting you as their client.

Faster speeds

With the emergence of fiber optic internet, data travels faster through beams of light at speeds 20 times faster than cable. High speeds ensure businesses have more reliable internet connectivity that guarantees efficiency and productivity.

Your staff will spend less time on tasks ensuring that deadlines are met, and customers get their products or services without delay. A shorter time is spent on more work-load, productivity increases, which in turn sees an increase in profits margins.

Teams will work better when every department works seamlessly with no delays or hitches. It is very frustrating and upsetting when deadlines have to be met, but the computer takes ages to execute simple tasks like downloading files or sending emails.

With fiber, you can scale speeds up to 10 Gbps. Though you may not necessarily need this level of speed, it is reassuring to know that you can support growing customer needs and demands as your business expands.

No need for throttling

Have you ever observed that the internet experiences downtime when you need it the most? Most internet service providers curb supply to prevent outages. Since the cable network is vulnerable to overload, your ISP may significantly reduce your cable speed and ration service during peak times.

However, fiber-optic internet is not susceptible to overload and hence does not experience downtime. Additionally, there are no limitations imposed on data.


You may have observed that the cable network has different speeds for uploading and downloading files. It may take you less than ten minutes to download a movie but forever uploading it.

Ideally, cable network speeds depend on the number of users and can cause numerous inconveniences when used in the office set-up. You may keep both your customers and business partners waiting for hours for merchandise or services since your internet cannot cooperate, causing every department delay with many cancellations from upset clients.

Fiber optic has no overload challenges; hence, it can upload and download with the matching speeds. It makes it easier to conduct a virtual meeting, share files, and work anywhere since the internet is reliable. Many fiber-optic connections offer symmetric up and down speeds.

Connect multiple devices

Thanks to technology, we can enjoy the services of multiple gadgets such as laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile phones and even your car. With internet users growing by the hundred, the need for reliable and faster internet transmission grows.

Fiber optic internet allows for more bandwidth, ensuring multiple gadgets can comfortably access internet connectivity. In-office set-ups, most businesses are thriving online thanks to unswerving and steadfast internet supply.

Teams can liaise and work together on related projects with ease irrespective of their physical location. Additionally, employees working on a project requiring more data do not inconvenience others as they can simultaneously work on their projects without overloading internet connectivity.

If you have more than ten employees, you need to improve operations by investing in cloud service provision such as Google Drive, DropBox, or One Drive. It would be best to have instant internet provision with enough bandwidth with cloud computing. To meet this demand comfortably, upgraded internet providers such as fiber-optic internet are well equipped to accommodate the growing demand.

Fibre internet services aim to ensure higher connection speeds for multiple users. The advantage is that pricing is now more affordable and more accessible to businesses and residents.

Whether you are collaborating with multiple team members with CRM access or hosting, storing, or connecting to the cloud fiber is up to the challenge with its impressive speeds.

With a fiber-optic connection, it is possible to converge different departments using technology such as hosting, data backup, and telephone connectivity.

Reliable uptime

Fiber up-time is mostly a guarantee because its technology uses glass instead of copper, making it less prone to downtime.


With the many security breaches, such as cyber-attacks and ransomware infiltration, businesses are searching for better ways to fortify their network and data. To combat this, there is a need to protect sensitive data such as client information, manufacturing product procedures, and treasured intellectual property.

A network using Broadband is vulnerable and prone to infiltration and malicious attacks, unlike a fiber-optic internet service. For this reason, many organizations are willing to invest in fiber-optic connections to alleviate attacks from online hackers.

In closing, there has been an eruption of demand for fiber-optic internet services for commercial and residential consumers. The growing demand is largely dependent on customer awareness of the benefits of fiber technology and the growing need for both business and household activities online.

Globally, more and more people require faster, reliable internet services with an increase in bandwidth to meet the ever-growing requirements that affect day-to-day operations.

Investigations carried out by Cisco reveal that globally, internet traffic continues to soar by the day, and IP traffic will triple in the next two years. Furthermore, internet speeds of 3 years ago are no longer tolerable in current growing internet demands.

A fiber-optic Internet connection guarantees more bandwidth that is very beneficial for your office activities that include

  • Sending emails with large attachments
  • File sharing with cloud backups
  • Supporting cloud applications – Information such as documents and photos that you currently share online continues to increase exponentially within a short time.
  • Video conferencing and streaming – HD video streaming and zoom meeting require a tremendous amount of bandwidth.
  • Wireless Wi-Fi connectivity