Fibre optics

How major internet providers are rapidly shifting the world of internet connection

Internet connection started becoming a necessity the minute technology was initialised. According to statistics, there were a total of 4.1 billion internet users across the globe by December 2018. The number is expected to rise tremendously by 2020, and this means that the demand for fast and stable connection is also expected to increase. So what is being done to ensure that every individual gets a much faster and reliable internet connection?

Numerous companies are working round the clock in a bid to come up with ways to improve how people get access to the internet. Through their efforts, there have been remarkable results in the sector that have seen individuals get stable connections. They even gave rise to fibre optic, one of the fastest and dependable internet infrastructure.

The expected rise of better and faster internet

It is no doubt that over the years, some major changes have been noticed when it comes to the way people access the internet. This has seen the access come from the old dial-up connection to the use of broadband connections such as DSL, Cable, Satellite and most importantly, fibre optic. Despite facing major competition from wireless networks such as 4G and 5G, broadband connection still maintains to be one of the best and inexpensive ways to access the internet.

According to most people in the internet sector, what the wireless connection is trying to achieve has already been realised by the broadband connection. The only problem is that there are a huge number of people across the globe who still lack an internet connection. This is, however, expected to change as the major internet providers are looking for ways to extend their services. According to a BT, an internet provider in the UK, they are planning to make sure that more than 3 million additional people will be able to access the internet by 2020 and 70,000 of them will be in rural areas.

What’s in store?

As mentioned above, numerous companies are working around the clock to improve how people access the internet. Recently, Virgin Media, one of the biggest internet providers in the world, announced that they would be introducing speeds of up to 8Gbps. This move is expected to enhance internet access significantly. Staying true to their word, the company has already put the idea to practice.

Early this year, they even began testing the new speeds, and you will be pleased to know that some people already have a feel of how super-fast speeds of 8Gbps feel like. What makes this new speed even better is that you will be able to download a 5GB HD film in only 5 seconds. For those utilising 4K televisions, you will be able to download 20GB of 4K film for 20seconds. Gaming enthusiasts will find the services even better because the new speeds can download a 99GB video game in 2 minutes.

This has so far been one of the biggest moves Virgin media has taken, and it is expected to revolutionise internet connection even further. The beauty of it is that Virgin media also offers fibre unlimited services to its fibre subscribers, so adding such speeds to such a deal is one big move. It is, however, not yet known how long it will take to complete the whole process. Another thing is that no one has an idea of whether they will use the existing infrastructure, or they will come up with dedicated media.

From the above information, it is clear that the world of broadband connection is still the best when it comes to offering a fast internet connection. With the expected 8Gbps speeds and the fibre unlimited packages currently available, it is true that the world is yet to see what broadband connections can do.