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How to fix the inaccurate stock levels?

Inaccurate stocks are very common. However, it is one of the costliest challenges that every retailer faces once in his life. If your inventory data isn’t correct, you will be prone to various damages and it can have a huge negative impact on your business.

With warehouses, it often becomes challenging to manage everything from the entire team to data inaccuracies and more. With an inventory stock management, you can stay updated with the stocks.

Some of the common reasons why you do not have the accurate stock levels include the following

Multiple warehouse challenges

For a clean inventory data management, warehouse management is extremely essential. If a business has multiple warehouses, it becomes challenging for them to maintain the accurate stock levels.

The inventory is widespread and so is the data. The remote workers, different time zones and updates aren’t provided thoroughly, which is why you may face inaccuracies thoroughly. While multiple warehouse challenges can lead to improper stock levels, some of the tips that can help to enhance warehouse challenges include the following

  • Make sure that all your warehouses are organized and kept in the proper place.
  • It is necessary to use barcodes thoroughly to avoid the risk of human error.
  • An inventory management software can help to ensure the business data is clean. If you want to get reliable warehouse management software, click here.


Theft is one of the biggest challenges and can lead to cost shrinkage. This shrinkage can be extremely disappointing and may occur due to theft via two ways. Both, internal and external theft can lead to the loss of data and eventually money.

Some of the prominent ways to prevent theft to prevent data inaccuracy include the following

Make sure the employees are thoroughly trained. As the inventory owner, you know the potential signs. So, it is necessary that you check with it and choose accordingly.

Whenever arranging your products, you should do it in such a way that any time an item is missing, you become aware of it. Proper arrangement of products help to keep thieves away and your staff can identify if any product is missing.

Before hiring an employee, you should do their proper screening. If any employee has had a past of theft, you should avoid hiring them. Furthermore, you might as well choose references to avoid red flags.

Human error

We can’t deny human error. Even the smallest ones can prove to be extremely expensive. One must watch out for human error for data collection and management.

If you do not have a technologically advanced data management software, you are bound to be prone to human errors. Manual data management can bring potential drawbacks thereby leading to more vulnerability. Some of the human errors that can affect your business include

  • Unreported product damage
  • Labelling and ID mistakes
  • Typos
  • Multiple handlers leading to miscommunication

Lack of automation

An inventory management software can bring about automation which will help your business. Manual tracking methods aren’t really useful because there isn’t much scope for increasing accuracy and efficiency. This brings better chances of inventory management software solution. Make sure to choose a software that caters to all your business requirements.