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How to get the most money for your used iPhone

With the new iPhone versions Apple is frequently releasing, you might fancy an upgrade. It is normal to want to upgrade, especially after a new version of the iPhone hits the market. If you plan on buying a used or new iPhone online, you need to keep in mind that you can also sell your current iPhone.

Your used phone could be worth a lot, giving you the starting capital needed to acquire a new phone. Before selling it, you need to determine the market value of your used iPhone. You should also find ways you can get the highest trade-in value for your device.

A well-maintained phone has a higher resale value. This article gives you tips on how to get the best deal for your used iPhone. Read on to find out!

What is considered a good condition for used iPhone?

Generally, phones in good condition have minor scuffing and minimal wear. The back glass or screen should not be broken, neither should there be water damage. Perhaps, the most costly thing that can happen to a used iPhone is screen damage. This is why it is essential to keep the screen in good condition to improve your iPhone’s resale value.

Apart from the screen damage, another thing you should be on the lookout for is water damage. You should also watch for any damage to the internal systems of the phone. It can be challenging to tell the iPhone’s condition — if you find it challenging, you can get a professional to assess the value for you. They will check if the phone is in good condition and estimate its accurate value.

Tips to get the most for your used iPhone

If you are looking to get the best value for your used iPhone, there are several factors you need to consider. Discussed below are some of these factors.

Fix anything you can

If your iPhone has a cracked screen, you might want to consider fixing it before selling it. This can also be a gamble— you might get more than you expected or spend more on repairs than what you receive from the buyer. But how do you know your phone is worth the repairs?

It comes down to the model of the iPhone and the extent of the damage. For example, if there is damage to your phone’s back glass, you can spend a small amount of money and end up getting more from the buyer. If there is severe damage on the iPhone, such as LCD damage, don’t bother repairing it. This is because it can be very costly to repair damage in LCD screens.

It is vital to ensure that you abide by the rules provided by Apple. Furthermore, many fixes to an iPhone can decrease its value. To prevent that from happening, consult with an Apple store or any licensed refurbisher. This will help you avert, voiding any policies that can increase your iPhone’s value.

Deep clean your phone

It is imperative to deep clean your phone before selling it. This should be done even if you were using it in a case. Follow the steps below to deep clean your phone.

  • The first you need to do is unplug any linked cables and switch off your iPhone. If you plan to sell it, remove any cases or screen protectors.
  • In the next step, use a soft lint-free cloth or a lens cloth. Avoid using compressed air or cleaning products.
  • If the device is iPhone 8 or older, slightly clean the home button. You should also avoid getting moisture in the phone’s openings. This can be dangerous because it might affect the functioning of your phone. It can also ruin the motherboard.

Timing is key

For you to get the most out of your used iPhone, avoid selling it around new iPhone releases. Around this time, Apple discounts the price of older versions by over $100. Therefore, it can be the wrong time to sell your iPhone for an upgrade. It is important to note that when there is more supply and limited demand, the price drops. It is essential to selling your iPhone before the new release.

For newer models, however, the exact opposite can happen. In most cases, older models drop in prices whenever a new version is released. The latest generation’s trade-in value will go up after a new release. It is essential to use this trend to avoid selling your iPhone at a low price. It is very beneficial to sell your iPhone before a new release. Keep an eye on Apple’s activities and know when they are likely to release the next model. After that, ensure that you sell your iPhone before the new model hits the market.