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Marketing: 4 types of SEO that you should know

You’ve most likely heard about SEO because you’ve landed at this article, where we’ll teach you all you need to know about it. But did you realize there are several types of SEO?

An SEO agency can offer you several ways to capitalize on SEO. They offer their SEO services in different cities, so you may type, as an example, words like “Chicago SEO agency”.

SEO is a complex process with several variables. Though what’s common is that all SEO types aim to boost a website’s visibility in search engines. Here are the best SEO strategies for helping your site rank for the keywords you’re after. You won’t utilize all of them, but having a better grasp of enhancing your rank is always beneficial.

1. Content-Based SEO

The quality of the content that you put out and the methods you can use to improve it are what content-based SEO is. It is a crucial SEO success component.

However, in many situations, you may find content standards under on-page SEO, which is also a valid technique. The winning mix provides quality content that both people and search engines can comprehend.

You should start your content-based SEO journey by conducting keyword research. Look for frequently used SEO keywords for your website and include them in your content. Take it further and include long-tail and semantically relevant keywords in your titles, headers, and primary content.

Publish comprehensive and long content so users can receive what they need and search engines can grasp the context of your information. To assist people in learning more about a topic, link to other high-quality websites and other pages on your website.

2. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the work of optimizing the content you post “on your page”, aka your website. This includes meta titles, meta descriptions, body content, pictures,  keywords, headers, and other elements.

Determine the keywords and phrases you wish to rank in search engines. Conduct keyword research to determine whether phrases have high relevance and search traffic and look for keywords with lower competition.

Once you’ve picked out the best keywords, be sure to notify your writing staff so that they can optimize the page content to incorporate them as they write. If you realize that the process became is too complicated and confusing for you, there is also an option to consult an SEO agency to get advice.

Metadata inform Google and other search engines about the content of a page. To improve your chances of ranking higher, ensure your meta titles and descriptions incorporate relevant information and keyword phrases.

Internal links can direct visitors to other pages on your website. And, if Google knows your website, it might reward you by displaying it for related search searches.

These are frequently attached to the anchored text. Insert links to high-authority pages and targeted keywords in your material to help Google read your site and make it more user-friendly.

Including on-page SEO in your marketing activities can assist search engines in comprehending the information on your website.

3. Off-Page SEO

Link building is the first and possibly most significant aspect of off-page SEO. This is a significant component of SEO services and one of the most challenging.

Getting connections to your site helps bring in traffic and shows Google that others value your material on the internet and that your site is authoritative.

Obtaining links from reputable sites may make a significant difference in how your site is ranked, and while it’s tough to quantify the impact of a single link, it’s safe to assume that obtaining a good one can deliver a significant boost to your ranks.

Social networking is another off-page indication that may significantly impact your SEO. If people are discussing your content on social networks, search engines interpret it as a sign that it is worth talking about and will assist others in finding it.

Popular content on social media generates a lot of traffic, which might assist your SEO. For your post to succeed on social media, you need to do more than write amazing content—you need to promote it on the channels where your audience spends their time. However, the rewards might be enormous.

Favorable off-page SEO strategies include cultivating positive connections with bloggers, journalists, social media influencers, and the owners of websites compared to yours.

Guest blogging is a prominent off-page SEO strategy. Joining communities and seeing what people have to say about businesses in your industry can also be beneficial.

Much of it might not appear to be typically SEO, but off-page SEO focuses on your complete online presence, which has much to do with SEO.

4. Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the efforts to assist search engines in crawling your website and improving user experience. It’s made up of search engines and their changing algorithms that only get more complicated, implying that this SEO is continually developing.

Your technical SEO efforts must be efficient to ensure no issues with crawl ability and UX. Quicker website loading time is usually preferable, and you can do this by making your template as minimal as possible, reducing redirects, and optimizing your aesthetics. Many people are shifting from using search engines only on their desktops to their mobiles.

Check your site on a mobile device to ensure it is easy to navigate for any mobile visitor.


If you’re working on on-site optimization, you can get away with managing everything on your own for a limited amount of time after which you will need the help of an SEO agency.

They can help you employ various SEO techniques to improve your search ranks significantly. You may not need to employ all types of SEO, but Comrade can help guide you on the best types of SEO for your business.

Whatever type of search engine you’re attempting to improve your rank on, you must employ all suggested approaches by Comrade if you want to reach the top ranks, whether you need San Francisco SEO Agency, or SEO company Dallas. And utilizing numerous sorts of SEO will assist you in getting there.