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How a mobile app can help your company

Technology seems to evolve and change on a constant daily basis, which can make it difficult for businesses to stay ahead and keep up with what’s trending. Where it used to be that you could rely on traditional forms of marketing and advertising to reach your customer base, that is no longer the case. Social networks, blogs, online forums, and websites have quickly taken over as the most important avenues for businesses to focus on.

According to Forbes, the number of apps in use grew by 115% from 2012 to 2013 alone. Businesses are now using apps to provide a value-added convenience to their customers when it comes to gathering information, reaching customer service reps, and even making purchases. So is a mobile app right for your company? Could it help your bottom line? What are the biggest pros in creating one? Let’s take a closer look so you can decide if an app is right for you.

Make sure it’s done right

Of course, if you are going to offer an app for your customers, it needs to be done correctly. Customers will have no patience for an app that doesn’t work smoothly, is slow, has bugs, or offers little as far as customer experience goes.

Employing the services of a reputable mobile app development firm such as who have worked with Oxford University is usually a very wise decision. They will be able to work with you and determine what your app needs to be able to do, its goals, how it should look, and then make sure everything operates smoothly. You want to be sure that when you release that app, it’s ready to go and will perform as intended.

Reach a larger customer base

One of the biggest pros of creating an app for your business is that it can help you reach a larger number of customers. If you’re looking for ways to grow your customer base, traditional forms of marketing may not be enough. Think about how many people own a smartphone nowadays. It is estimated that in the U.K., 81% of people have access to a smartphone device. Studies show that people have never been more addicted to their smartphones. What this means is that you have a chance to reach a massive customer base by offering an app that can be used on their smartphone.

If you manage to build an app that is engaging and offers interesting information, there is also a good chance the initial user will go on to recommend it to a friend, helping you to grow your base.

Boost the level of customer experience

Customers are always looking for the best experience possible, so why not provide them with added conveniences. An app allows them to access information 24/7, which means “business hours” no longer apply. Customers can do research and shop on their own schedule, which is something that helps to improve the overall customer experience.

Improve your customer loyalty

Landing customers takes a lot of time and effort, which is why it’s important to build customer loyalty so you can retain them. Apps have been shown to help build customer loyalty since you are always available to them. While it isn’t going to save your business all on its own, it can certainly help to solidify that sense of loyalty they have towards you.

A brand that is lagging can benefit from an app

Branding is a cornerstone of all successful businesses, but it’s also a complex area that is filled with all kinds of potential pitfalls. If you feel that your branding efforts haven’t been hitting the mark, then an app can certainly help to improve those efforts.

Apps have been shown to help boost branding since your slogan or logo is clearly visible right on the customer’s screen at all times. Even if they aren’t using the app all day long, they are still going to need to scroll by it.

Be more competitive

Part of building a successful company is being aware of what your competition is doing and what they are offering their customers. The goal isn’t just to race to compete with them. Instead, it should be to stay ahead of them. If the competition is offering apps for their businesses, then you need to catch up immediately. This is your chance to pull ahead by offering a better, more high-tech app experience than they feature. You want customers flocking to your app, not the competition’s app.

No-longer considered a trend

When it comes to mobile apps, it can no longer be considered a trend for businesses to offer them. Instead, it needs to be seen a priority. Thanks to all the benefits it offers the customers and the business itself, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

Photograph by ParampreetChanana