Smartphone and coffee

How mobile technology caused an explosion in online gaming

Mobile technology continues to cause huge waves in the gambling industry. Slots and casino games are no longer the preserve of smoky gambling halls. Now you can play the game of your choice in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or wherever you want. Such freedom and flexibility lie at the root of the popularity of online casinos.

Before the smartphone

Smartphones first became available with the release of the Apple iPhone in 2007. Before then, online gambling was popular, yet remained the poorer sibling of land-based operations. Many punters didn’t trust online operators with their money, while others preferred the sights, smells and sounds of real gambling tables.

The gambling industry in 2017

Mobile devices now account for a third of global gambling revenues. Modern smartphones and tablets boast high processing speeds, and stunning graphics. They give you unlimited access to live dealer casinos. They also allow you to chat to fellow punters or the dealer as you play. There’s no dress code or membership fee, and there’s no need to travel or find somewhere to park.

Mobile games are cheap to produce, yet online gambling is hugely competitive. A combination of these two factors prompts developers to find ever more creative ways to entice mobile gamers. As the punter, this gives you many more games and wider range of gambling options than ever before. The low cost of producing apps also allows lesser-known operators like this site to compete with the larger ‘name brands’.

While smartphones took a while to capture punters’ imaginations, it was soon clear that apps lay at the root of growth in the online gambling market. This is largely due to speed. After all, it’s quick and easy to play online by just tapping an app on your phone. These days, the thought of turning on your PC and waiting for it to load may have less appeal than it once did.

Mobile technology and the future of online casinos

Some punters still see the ‘real’ casino as much more exciting than its online counterpart. Yet such opinions are starting to disappear as mobile devices become more refined. In fact, some industry experts predict that virtual reality (VR) will kill off land-based casinos once and for all.

VR will allow mobile gamblers to interact with their environment, fellow players, and the games themselves in ways they never could before. Players sitting at home, on the bus, or in the doctors’ waiting room may even get the VIP treatment usually reserved for high-profile guests in Las Vegas.

The gambling industry has always been quick to embrace new technology and VR will surely be no exception. With such prospects on the horizon, mobile is sure to play a key role in the gambling industry for a very long time to come.

Photograph by JEShoots