Modern parking companies that help you save money

Stop going to your local supermarket in hopes of finding an ad for monthly parking on the community corkboard. Instead, use technology to find monthly parking that’s both cheap and safe. Simply download an app or spend time browsing the Internet. Not sure where to start? Below is a list of companies that can save you money (and a trip to the store).

1. Parking Panda

Like most parking marketplaces, this one starts with a simple search. There are 40 cities active on Parking Panda and literally thousands of parking lots. To find monthly parking you will be taken to SpotHero which is the parent company to Parking Panda. Once there, you can search through the monthly parking options in both list and map form. When you click on your options you can learn more about access hours, amenities, how you’ll get to your spot and how to redeem your parking pass. This company handles all the payment and also offers free cancellation up to the start time of your parking.

2. ParkWhiz

ParkWhiz is another option that offers both daily and monthly parking spaces. They offer a very clean and simple interface for you to reserve and prepay for your spot. Besides saving up to 50% off standard parking rates, ParkWhiz also has a mobile parking pass to make the transaction a smooth one. Start by comparing monthly spaces all over your desired neighbourhood and then you’ll be able to select your spot based on accessible hours and the type of car you are parking (sedan, SUV, Tesla, etc.). They also offer help through a toll-free phone number and each parking lot has a rating from other parkers to help you make your decision.

3. WhereiPark

WhereiPark is another great resource to help you find monthly parking in your city. Search for a space, reserve the one you like best, pick up your access device and start parking immediately. You’ll get lots of information on this website including the monthly parking fee (with tax), lot type, ownership type, access device, additional features, etc. If you have co-workers or friends that also need help finding a spot in the same area WhereiPark provides group parking as well. They make it easy for one person to manage an entire team and swap parkers when necessary.


With 15,000 cities in their roster, ParkMe is a popular choice for those looking for monthly parking. You’ll find their search front and centre on the homepage and you can select “monthly” right off the bat. Type in your landmark, address or city and you’ll receive a list of options. In the list view, you’ll also see icons that denote the amenities and how full the parking lot currently is. Some of the parking lots in this system allow you to prepay, where others just post their rates, hours, location and general facts so that you can get in touch with them directly. Look for the reserve button if you want ParkMe to take care of the reservation.

Photograph by Toby Parsons