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Responsive website design for orthodontists and its importance for SEO

As the owner of an orthodontic practice, it’s important to make sure you get people to actually come and get the help they need. If you don’t have clients, it’ll be impossible to keep your practice. In order to grow and continue to build the practice, you’ll want to be intentional about your marketing and advertising efforts. While it’s great to incorporate elements like radio ad campaigns and flyers, don’t forget to utilize the power of social media.Elements like responsive website design for orthodontists can really make a difference in whether or not people see your business online. Consider the following elements in your online strategy to achieve success.

1. Pop-Ups & Email List

On the website, you can install a pop-up. When a visitor gets to the website, the pop-up will show up. You can customize the message to your liking. Typically, pop-ups welcome a visitor the page and invite them to sign up for an email list. An email list is one of the most vital and effective marketing strategies to implement. Depending on the web design you choose, create a stunning pop-up that matches your design. An email list is important because you don’t want to lose touch with your clients and potential clients.

2. Blogging

A blog is a perfect opportunity to share more information regarding what happens in your practice. It’s also a great way to share tips for dental health and maintenance. Make sure that the content you share is beneficial to readers. If it’s not, people will gloss over it like spam. In this digital age, there’s information everywhere. The best way to stand out with your information is to really allow your personality to shine through. People like to do business with people. Once they’re able to recognize you and resonate with your messages, you’ll have a better chance of standing out as a force in the industry and an asset to the clients you’re looking to serve.

3. Yoast & WordPress

If you’re using WordPress for your website, make sure to install a widget like Yoast in the backend. Yoast is great because if you’re a beginner with keyword placement, it’ll guide you through the process. When you’re working with keywords, it’s important to use them strategically and in the right areas. Yoast will signal you with a green light or a red light to let you know if you’ve hit the mark with keywords.

4. Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. Never underestimate the power of good photography. In order to capture the best photos, make sure that you clean the lens of your camera. If you’re using the camera on a smartphone, you can still capture really amazing pictures. If you’re not confident in your ability to capture great pictures, don’t be ashamed to use stock photography. There are many sites that offer access to millions of pictures. It’d be a good idea to invest in a membership in one of the stock photography sites and gain access to all the pictures your heart desires. When it’s time to save the pictures and give them a name, use the keyword in the name. When it’s time to upload the pictures and place them on the site, Google will recognize the keyword and it’ll help boost your chances of placement on the first page of search engines.

5. Consistency

Whether you choose to blog, send out emails or share content on social media, it’s so important to become consistent. When people see your content on a regular basis, they’re more likely to trust you and believe what you’re saying. Consistency can really go a long way with the search engines as well.

6. Keywords

Do a proper keyword search to know which words you should use. As a local practice, you’ll want to use your city name within your keywords. Use resources and programs that help you search for the right keywords. If you are stuck in this area, you can always hire a researcher to do the dirty work for you. There are many people who know the details of resources like Google AdWords and can effortlessly help you achieve the momentum you’re looking for.

There are so many moving parts to a great internet marketing campaign. While it might feel challenging in the beginning, continue to be consistent and open to change. Test different strategies for specific periods of time. As you gain clarity on what works for your business, don’t be afraid to eliminate the strategies that don’t work. When you’re able to perfect the marketing strategies, you’ll be able to get to a place where you can teach it to someone else and allow them to manage the online aspect of the business. As you continue to grow, that lone person might turn into an entire department because of all the clients you get. The sky’s the limit.

Photograph by lethanhtritoan