Seven quality features you must look for in your next travel agency software

We live in an era where technology is advancing rapidly than ever before in history. Things that needed multiple days and man-hours can now be done in an instant using software and that too from anywhere in the world. So if you are going to start your travel agency, then you need to have a good travel agency software.

To find a good travel agency software you need to know what features you should be looking for and here are some of the features listed below,

Must-have features to look for in travel agency software

1.  Hotel booking engine

To book a hotel for your customer through your computer hotel, booking integration is essential. The booking system can accept bookings from anywhere at any time as long as the rooms are available. Also, the integration comes with features such as payment gateway and alerts for booking confirmation via email or SMS. It also gives the customers book hotels of their choice from anywhere before their scheduled arrival time.

2.  Flight booking engine

Flights are the most preferred options for many international and domestic travelers to visit their preferred location. Also, they are the best selling products in the travel industry. Having a flight booking engine integrated into your travel management tool can help you increase your business revenue.

3.  Flexibility and scalability

Travel customers demand flexibility in their traveling experiences. Even if they like something that you are offering on your website but want to find a different variant of that but can’t find it on your website, they will just then leave your website and go on looking at your competitor’s site. In other words, your software needs to be flexible enough to handle such unexpected situations.

Besides being flexible, it also needs to be scalable enough to expand and grow your business without affecting the existing customers. If not, then it is a problem you need to address first.

4.  Customized tour packaging

Tour packaging is the next thing that your travel agency tool needs.

Customers today like to customize and choose their accommodations, their destinations, their activities, and so on. To meet your customer’s demands and requirements, your software should be able to customize the tour packages. This enables the customer to customize and choose their package.

5.  Payment flexibility

Payment flexibility is a great benefit convenience that travel agencies can offer your customers. This means that the customers should have the ability to use different payment options like the card, cash, cheque, or cash, and your software needs to be able to accommodate all those options.

Traditionally, the travel agency would book flights and hotel rooms for customers and later collect the relevant information to confirm the bookings. Instead, if you offer the customers multiple payment options, they will greatly appreciate it and pay right away.

6.  Multiple sales channels

Another important feature of travel agency software is multiple sales channels. The customers don’t have to rely on travel agents and can make their reservations. Using this feature, you can make an online platform or mobile app that allows the customers to book their travel plans from anywhere. Also, by integrating the multiple payment options, the customer can make digital payments only when making reservations.

This way, using the B2C platform, the customers don’t have to interact with the travel agent for making their travel plans.

7.  Multichannel and multilingual support

If your customers are spread internationally across the globe, then having a travel agency software that supports multiple languages can multiple currencies can help. It will increase your revenue, and you will be able to reach more customers from different countries.

Today, using the location of the customer depending on the country they visit, the website will show them their respective currency. Suppose if the customer is using the website in France, then it will show the prices in Euro. Similarly, the costs will be displayed depending on the locality and geolocation of the customer.

Bottom line

In essence, while keeping the expenses low, travel agency software should increase the productivity and efficiency of your services. With the tool in hand, you don’t need to make any changes to your business models, the software just enhances your travel agency and helps you better serve your customers.

Photograph by Danilo Bueno