Six technologies that could change your world

The technologies that we’ve attained in today’s era are simply amazing. They are so astounding that they allow us to retrieve any kind of information from all over the world and communicate in various ways using a simple device. And the cherry on the cake is that such devices are not at all the huge ones and can completely fit into your pocket. There are always some techs coming in the market every now and then which are making our lives easier day by day. It also creates a great excitement in us that we can’t just help but look forward to what technological breakthroughs are coming next.

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However, you’d definitely like to know which tech gadgets can just make your life far easier and interesting amidst of the thousands of ones, right? So, here I am with a list of six absolutely available and yet to come spectacular technologies that you’ll just love to the moon and back.

1. Thought control of devices

It’s not about controlling other people’s thoughts, rather it’s like you can control various devices with your brain waves. The waves are picked up by EEG sensors. This technology has been already utilized to pilot a toy plane, video game and make some other artificial devices to move. Isn’t it interesting? It’s like you’re deciding what the things around you should do. There are various reliable and cheap headsets in the market which are based on this EEG technology.

2. Computer screens acting like specs

There is a recent advancement in the computer and laptop software. It can make the images clear that would otherwise be blurry to the people who’ve various kinds of vision impairments like nearsightedness, astigmatism, farsightedness etc. So, isn’t it an extremely good news for all you guys with heavy specs? Besides, the scientists are working on that single computer screen can even be perfectly and clearly visible for two people having different prescriptions.

3. Get a home doctor

Won’t you love it if you can know your health problems at home without visiting a doctor? Well, that’s quite possible nowadays. There are some health gizmos available in the market that can certainly tell you about having any flu, need for some vitamin B12 immediately in your body or having a low level of progesterone.

4. Go for some advanced artificial neurons

A very recent and smart technology has come up during the recent years which is known as Artificial neural networks. This is actually a stimulated brain that runs on traditional computers. In this stimulated brain structure, we can give the software named as ‘neuron’ any programming we want. So, why don’t you use this for a self-driving car or an artificial personal assistant instead? You’ll no believe but that’s true that this technology is used in day to day life. Google and facebook use this technology to identify a specific object in your photos.

5. Click a 360- degree selfie

After a wide range of unique features in the digital cameras, now you can even click a 360-degree selfie. If you are viewing a 3-D image of a scenery clicked by such a camera, then you can use your mouse cursor or finger to circle an image or scroll up to view the sky canopy and down to see the view of the earth. It looks totally realistic. If you further look at the image through a virtual reality headset then you can even have a rotational view of the photo with an intensified illusion.

6. The sensational Hologram technology

You might have seen a hologram in your credit card, right? But now you’re going to see a new leap forward for these three-dimensional prismatic images in your tablets, smartphones etc. You can manipulate an image in three dimensions with this technology. This will be practically available within 2-3 years. This can be used for practical business applications to do mechanical and medical work remotely. It can also be used by a doctor to have a 3-D image of a heart to consult at a surgery being performed miles away.

I believe that these technologies are something which are going to make your life smarter like never before. And now you can avail the expensive ones at affordable rates using the deals and discounts from various leading technology selling stores of the UK at Vouchershops. So, make a move and grab your favourite one soon!

Photograph by Rihaij


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