Six ways cloud computing is changing the world


Unless you’ve been switched off for past few years, it is likely that you will be familiar with cloud computing. It has been billed as a game changer for the industry and has certainly had a transforming effect on the way people do business. So, what effect is it having on our everyday lives?

Is it impacting on us without us even realising and what role is it likely to play in the future?

Helping us to make smarter decisions

The Cloud gives people access to enough processing power to analyse large amounts of information from any location. It allows you to combine data that you have researched and collated yourself as well as streaming information from online sources to inform your decisions. As the information is stored in the cloud you can access it from anywhere, even using a mobile device.

Improve education

You would be forgiven for thinking that cloud technology was invented with the classroom in mind. It offers many benefits to teachers and pupils alike, allowing students to access learning material from anywhere and to participate in group activities from outside the classroom. The Cloud allows teachers to store all types of content and data including documents, eBooks, applications, photos and much more.

Globalisation of small businesses

Small businesses are increasingly finding that the low barrier to entry with cloud computing and the pay-per-use model allows them to compete with large multi-national companies when it comes to IT systems. Dell’s video on the barriers to business dispels some of the myths involved regarding cloud computing and explains the benefits to small businesses.

New markets in developing countries

Companies in developing countries are now able to sell their services online through various cloud solutions which could not have been possible just a decade ago. This will give them an opportunity to become market leaders and compete with multi-nationals on a more level playing field.

Visibility and reliability of inventory records

An important function of the Cloud is that it automatically saves content, making it impossible to lose or delete any valuable material. This means that even if a computer crashes, all documents and content will remain safe, saved, and accessible in the Cloud.

Invisible computers

As cloud technology develops and people embrace it further computer software will become invisible. We may simply have to make gestures and a camera will interpret those and provide us what we need, or we simply have to say it.

Photograph by Francisco Gonzalez

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