Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia XZ2: What can you expect?

In 2018, Sony might surprise us with the launch of the much-awaited Sony XZ2. However, they have not confirmed any dates yet! We have no choice but to wait. This amazing smartphone will be the successor of the flagship Sony Xperia XZ1, and could also be the firm’s main high-end phone for the year.

The previous version, which is the Sony Xperia XZ1 had a four-star review when it was launched. At that time, this rating showed that there is still room for improvement. And many people around the world are highly expecting to see changes in the upcoming Sony XZ2. Surely, if you are a fan of Sony, you must have some expectations as well! Let’s see if our collected information gives you an insight of the phone.

Completely new design

The Sony company has been coming up with more or less the same design for its phones for several years now. A blocky shape and big bezels are not what people want from a recent flagship. This is what Sony has developed in various of its Sony phones. So, on the new upcoming XZ2, you can expect a more modern and just something new that will stand out from the Sony crowd.

Sharper screen

Sony Xperia XZ Premium consists of one of the sharpest screens around. When it comes to the Sony Xperia XZ1, this phone has a 1080p display. What you can expect in the forthcoming one is a QHD.

4K is perhaps overload and can be kept for the Premium line. However, QHD should make a clear difference. This can also help match rival flagships, which is more advantageous for you to make your choice.

Better camera

If you compare the Xperia XZ1’s camera with other phones, it is only good during daylight. When lighting conditions are not so good, it struggles. Hopefully with the Xperia XZ2, you can expect Sony to deliver a camera that can take quality low light shots.

Battery boost

Sony Xperia XZ1 doesn’t really need a longer lasting battery. It can last a full day. However, according to several tests done by Sony, if you use it a lot for demanding tasks such as playing games, you will have to charge it regularly.

In the Sony XZ2, you can expect a superior battery and further optimisations as well. This could really boost the performance of the phone if you are for instance, playing online slots at Give Back Bingo. Given that many people access this site via their smartphone, this could probably help them play a little more with a longer lasting battery.

Sci-Fi scanner

Apple is soon implementing a 3D face scanning system on its devices. Certainly, many people would like to see Sony catch up. In the Sony XZ2, you can expect a 3D face scanner system, or some other innovative biometric tech. For example, a fingerprint scanner integrated within the screen.

The above basics can hopefully help you make a good decision on the forthcoming Sony XZ2. Apple looks to be doing a great job by convincing people with its latest features, Samsung showed everyone screens could curve and now, it’s Sony’s turn. And once it is launched, the XZ2 will face competition with the Samsung Galaxy S9. It will simply depend on your choice!

Photograph by theTEJESHWARMAGAR