Home office

Tech solutions to safeguard your home office

Many people have been working remotely since the pandemic and even before, with plenty of these investing in building their own home office. This is typically in their backyard and is a separate building from their home. This is where they spend a good part of their day and where they earn their living. This being the case, it is often curious that the security measures for a home office and all the tech within it are typically not as stringent as those for the rest of the property.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are some simple things that you can do to help remedy matters.

Use a smart lock

You can put as many latches and bolts on a door as you want, but there is a very good chance that anyone wanting to gain access would be able to pick them somehow. On top of that, you also have the problem of having additional sets of keys to keep hold of and ensure you don’t lose.

A smart lock is connected to an app in your phone that unlocks the door as you approach it, meaning that only you or somebody with the same encrypted app on their phone can gain entry. You can’t forget to lock the door behind you because the door will automatically lock when you move far enough away from the office. You will have to set these distances carefully, especially if you have a small backyard and your home office is located close to the house.

Install a sonic deterrent

As your home office is where you earn the money to pay the bills, you need to be able to work in an environment that is peaceful and as free of distractions as possible. However, you will have difficulty doing this if you have large groups of loitering youths near your home and making a lot of noise. Even if their actions are entirely innocent and just the result of high spirits, this won’t help your concentration one bit, and you will prefer that they weren’t there at all.

By looking into solutions like the one available at mosquitoloiteringsolutions.com, you will see that there is an anonymous but effective way to get these groups to loiter elsewhere. It is safe to use as the noise it emits provides irritation rather than doing any actual harm and does not involve interacting with them at all, saving you time and avoiding any potential conflict.

Opt for a wireless surveillance camera

Of course, your home office will be at greatest risk while you are not sat in it or even at home at all. In situations like this, you can install a simple wireless surveillance camera either inside or outside your home office to keep an eye on everything while you are not there.

The actual setup will vary slightly according to what you choose, but generally, it will all connect to an app on your phone. This will alert you should the camera detect movement that isn’t a passing bird or your neighbor’s cat – that way, you can alert the authorities should you need to.