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Teen monitoring: Android parental controls simplify parenting

When it comes to parenting kids, the teen years are undoubtedly the most difficult ones. It can be a puzzling time of so many changes for both teens and parents. Being the parent of a teen you would have the first hand experience of the time when your teen expects to be treated like an adult. But doesn’t act like one in any way. No matter how much they want their privacy and independence, teens are prone to recklessness and bad decisions. These are one of the many reasons teens need constant adult supervision, especially with their phones.

However, being a parent of a teen, you’re always walking a fine line between supervising and being over protective. You want to keep an eye on them, but you probably wouldn’t want them to think you’r being a helicopter parent. One way to monitor their cell phone activities while you remain the good guy can be Android parental controls.

How can you monitor their cell phone?

Parenting has drastically changed over the years; your teens no longer buy the cook book ways your parents used to raise you. Your teens are digital natives, and now you too can become tech-savvy and use digital parental apps like FamilyTime android parental control. This app not only lets you view their location history, monitor their online life, their contacts and call logs, but also gives you the remote control to their device usage.

Family Time Android app

You can use this app to:

  • Monitor your teen’s web-browser history and bookmarks.
  • View the list of apps installed on their phone/tab.
  • View their app usage frequency to see the time spent on every app.
  • Check app preferences to know their aptitude
  • Allocate specific numbers of minutes and hours for a game to play.
  • Blacklist any app you find unsuitable.
  • View all the contacts on their phone with additional details saved with each number, i.e. emails.
  • View all the call-logs.
  • Check SMS history with complete communication thread just as it appears on their phone
  • Watchlist any suspicious contact to receive connection alerts every time a contact is made.
  • Schedule auto screen locks on their devices to manage their screen time. With this feature, their device will get locked automatically at the set time for pre-decided minutes
  • Assign a specific screen time to kids for device usage on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Remotely lock their phone to restrict them from using it.

Digital parenting- smart parenting!

Who says raising teens is nothing but stress, with Android parental controls it is everything but stress. Be sure to keep communication lines healthy between you two. Give them the confidence that they can come to you for anything and everything. Be their friend before you be their parent. Relish every precious moment together and love them unconditionally!

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