The future is coming: 2020 predictions you shouldn’t ignore!

2020 is poised to become one of the most revolutionary years for technology. Whether you’re a business owner or student, don’t ignore these 2020 predictions!

Are you ready for the end of the decade? Looking forward to the next breakthroughs in science, business, travel, and technology? Don’t want to get blindsided by the next big thing?

You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got here 2020 predictions for you! We’ve prepared an in-depth list to inform you of the latest ideas and innovations out there that will help you for sure.

Don’t ignore them; you could get left behind as your competitors speed on ahead. Ready to dive here? Here are our 11 predictions for the year 2020:

1. Innovative 3D metal printing

Believe it or not, 3D printing is a lot older than you think. Although, printing companies can’t seem to agree with when it began for real. One thing is for sure though: 3D printing using metal is yet to happen.

With every passing day, more people are able to access 3D printers for personal use. In 2018, that’s over 528,952 desktop 3D printers sold. Most of them are plastic printers.

In 2020, we’re expecting to see leading companies in the 3D printing industry introduce 3D metal printing. Think of the many possible uses for custom-made metal pieces. With 3D metal printing, you can make your own smartphone case in your own home, for example.

2. Commercial space travel

Tech in 2020 can make those older sci-fi movies a reality. In this case, we’re talking about space travel. By space travel, we mean commercial trips out of the earth and back.

It’s already possible to pay for a trip to the moon. What’s stopping us from going a little further? Who’s to say people won’t begin mining space minerals?

Although, saying that we’ll make out-of-orbit flights a reality by 2020 is still a stretch. There are missions that are yet to reach their destinations in the universe. We have yet to see the reports on the environment outside of our comfortable, little planet.

3. Maximized Home Security

Among the future technology predictions 2020 has to offer, advanced home security is a wise priority. Technology is always evolving, and so are the bad guys. On the safety of your family and your home, you can never be too cautious.

In 2020, we’re looking at AI devices integrated into home protection systems. These AIs will have “predict and adapt” features, too. Of course, home automation is a big plus if it’s included in their systems.

It’s not impossible to think that a network will connect everything digital in your home. From your security cameras to your mobile phones, everything’s connected. The best part is that you will be able to remotely access from your own device.

Speaking of security cameras, who’s in for a 360-degree cam? That way, you won’t have to install too many cameras around your house. A smart feature can also detect any problems and correct it on its own.

4. More self-driving cars

Yes, there are self-driving cars already on the road, but by 2020 you can expect this industry to improve and expand. More of these cars will soon fill up the streets. There is a prediction saying autonomous vehicles will take 5% of global car sales.

There are a handful of pros and cons with more autonomous cars on the street. The pros include reduced stress, improved mobility, and productivity. Imagine completing the last of your paperwork while you’re making your way to work.

Sleepy? Take naps while your car drives you to work. Meanwhile, shared autonomous vehicles have lower costs for each person who co-own it.

The downside is the higher cost. Shared self-driving cars are also the least convenient because they are bigger.

5. Universal translation for everyone

What will the world be like in 2020 if the language barrier was not that big an issue anymore? Imagine if IT support services like translation jobs could be done in an instant.

To the avid traveler in 2020, learning the very basics of the language of a country may not matter anymore. All it may take is to talk face to face with a foreigner. That foreigner’s mobile device is automatically translating the speech in real time.

Google Translate, though still inaccurate in word-for-word translations, is heading this innovation. Given that language is very diverse and complicated, we won’t feel surprised if it takes a little longer than 2020 to enhance this technology. However, simpler languages will have faster and frequent updates for sure.

6. Smart tourism

When was the last time you saw a travel agent face-to-face to book a flight?

Can you imagine the state of tourism without the internet? Online travel sales generate billions of dollars, after all. Expect more than 64 billion users to manage travel reservations through the internet.

With that, tourism will no doubt advance to the next level. Millennials aren’t going places for business or leisure, but for both. With that in mind, tourism will embrace new strategies.

It’s not going to be about just the destination anymore, but also great experiences, low cost, and data communications or digital social access. More tourism-centric businesses are making websites to inform and connect with their clients. So, in 2020, expect a much smaller world.

7. Completion of giant new buildings and structures

Speaking of travel, 2020 will see many fully-built structures around the world.

The Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia and the Sundra Strait Bridge in Indonesia are both to see completion in 2020. London’s Stratford City and China’s Great City are also assumed to get done.

Connecting Germany and Scandinavia, the 18-kilometer road and rail, known as the Fehmarnbelt tunnel, will save 160 kilometers of a detour. Around 500 apprentices and trainees will help in constructing the tunnel. In Congo, upon completion, the Great Inga Dam will gain the name as the fourth and largest of the Inga dams.

8. OLED surfaces everywhere

Remember those ancient block-style TVs with the knobs and antennae? That’s the TV of the past. Now, imagine it side-to-side with the TV of the future.

You’re probably thinking of a sheet of glass next to that old antiquity. You’re not wrong. By 2020, we’re looking to replace LED flat-panel TVs with OLED panels.

OLED panels are as thin as a vellum sheet. They’re a lot like glass so they can be any surface! To top it off, it is possible and likely that OLED panels will have touch capability.

Look at all the glass surfaces around you. Curved or straight, it is possible to install OLED panels into them. Who wouldn’t want a mirror that also doubles as a TV in their bathroom?

9. An average of six connected devices per person

Among all future technology predictions, this won’t be a surprising truth.

The prediction is that by 2020, there shall be an average number of 6.5 connected devices per person. Cisco IBSG also predicted that there will be more connected devices than people.

That’s only the calculated average for the population of the world that uses the internet. Calculated with the entire world population, the number of connected devices would go down to 1.8. That gives 1-2 devices per person.

Whether you do have 6 devices connecting you to the internet, it’s always a good thing to make sure you are safe. Protect yourself and your identity online by learning digital security practices. Better yet, connect to the internet with only one device.

10. Phones of the future

It seems we have reached the best design for handheld devices: flat, sleek, and large enough for our hands. Designs like Tony Stark’s are more for sci-fi movies than near-future possibilities for now. Thus, we’re going to focus less on design.

Judging from the models that came out in the past few years, the only prediction we have for smartphones in 2020 is better specs. From here, we can only go higher. We’re talking about specs like:

  • 3.2 GHz+ CPU
  • 4000+ mAH Batteries
  • 8+ GB RAM
  • 4K UHD 120 Hz Screen Resolutions
  • 5K – 8K Video Recording

Other than that, we’re predicting phone companies will add more security features. Not in the hardware, but also the software.

Other 2020 predictions

There are other predicted breakthroughs that we’ll see in 2020. Some are as awesome as getting robot exoskeletons. Others can be as obvious as experiencing harsher weathers due to climate change.

Let’s begin with health predictions. Scientists expect research to see advancements in treatments for Alzheimer’s, diabetes, autism, and cancer. Elderly persons in 2020 can expect to remain active because robot exoskeletons will be available for purchase in 2020.

On science, we’re going to see the Giant Magellan Telescope go into operation in Chile. Japan will hold the world’s first robot Olympics while China will land a probe on the dark side of the moon. We’re also looking to see the Venera-D space probe reach Venus in the same year.

2020, Here we come!

Were they what you expected at all? Did you see them coming? Whether you did or didn’t, you are now ready with these 2020 predictions!

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Photograph by RoboCup