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The ultimate guide to a green tech lifestyle

Since the 4.0 technology revolution has taken our lives further than anyone could have imagined, we have faced with an increasing number of environmental issues as a result of the technological transition. Then wondering about the a green tech lifestyle is necessary for everyone, and here we discuss about it so that even if you are at the beginning, you won’t get lost among the thoughts and real actions.

What and why should you build up a green tech lifestyle?

Green lifestyle is when you use something over and over again and try to maintain it as long as possible. Knowing that you make use of natural resources to run the energy for basic demand of life, you wouldn’t want to have it exhausted one day since then, no gas for cooking, no electricity for lighting.

It applies the same when we talk about green tech lifestyle – that is in personal scale, we adapt the advanced technology to maintain our resources and maximize its lifetime circle, for example, replace single-time use materials with rechargable and eco-friendly devices. Or in a large scale, it deals with renewable resources such as wind energy, solar panel.

When regarding to lifestyle, it definitely implies your behavior and awareness towards things. You couldn’t save anythings or any planet without being aware of your impact on it. You are a part of nature, and your choices one way or another truly make sense to the surrounding.

Let’s take steps towards a stable lifestyle

Talk the talk, but how to walk the walk? So, here are the guide to a sustainable lifestyle for a tech geek where attitude comes first with innovative steps followed by our vision. Green lifestyle guide-line here is all about establishing the stability, and finding sustainably alternatives for daily consuming that you may want to consider.

Reuse what remains

Are you going to throw your old phone to get a brand new modern one? Is it necessary, for example, to throw a phone whose battery has recently failed? There are a few ways for extending the phone’s usage, such as bring power bank wherever you go and using it instead of a standard charger. Throwing away a usable item not only wastes money, but it also takes a long time to get used to the new one and fit it into your daily routine. Therefore, let’s make the most of what we currently have by having new creative techniques to make the most of it.

Understand your demands

First and foremost, green tech lifestyle is not about having lots of advanced and environmentally friendly devices. Every time a new range of smartphones is released, individuals go on a hunger strike to obtain one. Instead, let’s consider how many is enough and maintain our focus on the most essential feature. For example, a new iPhone (Pro series) may look “attractive” but consider if you would use all of the phone’s functions, as well as the real purpose of your phone in your everyday life. This will help you figure out what you really need, whether it’s a decent camera, a quick phone for gaming, a large phone screen for watching/entertaining, or a compact phone that you can hold in one hand.

Recycle to give each material a new life

One of the most trending rising recently is refurbished phone, which should be a good example of recycling since they make it from recycle materials. If you wish to help, contact your local vendor or a non-profit organisation in your area and inquire how to return your electronic products such as old phones, computers, printers, and other electronic equipment in general. Many firms, including HP, Dell, Epson, Canon, and Amazon, now provide this service, so don’t forget to include it in your green lifestyle.

Thinking outside the box

As the new age of technology approaches, it appears that our lives will be more modernised by the availability of so many technological solutions for daily activities. For example, reading books on an e-paper device and taking notes with accessories such as a stylus pen and tablet can save a lot of paper, while streaming services provide the same movie on CDs. This way, you save storage space while also lowering the demand for furniture and its production.

Other smart thermostats, such as a motion detector, remote-control lamps, and renewable energy sources, such as a solar hot water heater, are some options that you might want to start considering for your own home. Investing in this technology allows you to reduce your overall electricity consumption as well.

Green lifestyles were created many years ago, and we have seen them go from concept to reality thanks to the efforts of scientists in numerous areas of life. As a result, we are entering a decade in which technology has been produced that is not only less expensive, but also more successful in making life significantly greener, giving us hope for a better future.

Photograph by Ready Made