Three reasons to get a second phone number

Communication technology, particularly in the field of telephony, has advanced drastically over the last decade or so. High-speed internet, highly-advanced hardware, and intelligently designed communication software have seen dramatic improves on the traditional telephone leading to innovations such as VoIP, smartphones, digital PBX, and SIP trunks.

What all this means is that it’s never been easier than it is today to make and receive calls. This is a good thing, right? Well, it is, but with the busy and sophisticated modern lifestyle, handling calls can become a bit tricky. This is probably the reason why many people are drawn to chat apps on smartphones. Others prefer to have a second phone number to separate the different aspects of their lives. Here is why having an extra phone number might be a good idea.

Separate Business from Personal Life

It’s important to keep your business from encroaching into your personal space. One way of doing this is to separate your business contacts from your personal contacts by getting a second phone number. Many entrepreneurs, especially self-branded freelancers, contractors, and business owners, don’t know where to draw the line between business and personal space. Having a dedicated phone line for your business associates and clients not only draws the line for you but also makes your business seem professional.

Make Calls While Roaming

If you travel across the border quite frequently or are planning an overseas trip, then having a second phone number might come in handy. Roaming charges in some counties and networks can be ridiculously high. Plus, roaming can sometimes be very restrictive; for instance, certain services may be disabled or inaccessible.

With a virtual phone number app, you can simply purchase a phone number with the area code of the country you’re planning to visit and use it as if you were a local. This way, you’ll get around the high roaming charges and access all the available service functions.


Phone privacy is sometimes necessary for certain situations; for instance, when online shopping, subscribing to online services, or even when signing up for dating services. In such scenarios, you don’t just want to give away your primary phone number. For one, your phone number may expose specific details about you, and secondly, you don’t want to be a victim of the annoying flood of promotional texts and calls from online services.  

Nowadays, having a second phone number is as easy as installing an app on your smartphone. You don’t actually have to carry around two cell phones or some of those dual-sim handsets.

Photograph by PxHere