Three tips to grow your business in 2018

Every business owner is looking for new ways to grow their company, and the new today’s technologies offer a wealth of new avenues to make that happen. Here are three things you should start doing today to make 2018 your best year yet.

Create a content strategy

The development of content strategy may seem daunting to a small business, but with a little planning it can be a great way to establish the company as a leader in its space for very little outlay. Ideally, those looking to make their mark online should aim to create one 600-800 article per week that introduces customers to novel parts of their industry or breaks down complex ideas in the sector into a more understandable form.

Some content ideas will be in relation to a current news story or change in the industry, but it is best to plan out the strategy in advance with an aim to have at least 10 article titles to choose from for the next piece. By planning a little ahead like this, you are significantly more likely to stay the course and generate the content regularly as it will be a less stressful exercise.

Embrace social media

For startups looking to grow their business, social media offers a low cost and effective way to engage with current customers and help find new leads. People expect companies to have a presence on Facebook and Twitter, and companies that do not take advantage of these tools will lose business.

For many small firms, staying up-to-date with social media will just mean keeping a regular eye on their Facebook page and their Twitter @mentions so that they can promptly reply to any questions, and then making sure to share their content across the platforms each week to engage with potential new clients. As Krystal Perkins points out a “digital footprint does not require considerable investment; all it requires is a trustworthy brand and regular engagement”

Don’t be afraid to outsource

Most entrepreneurs think they can do it all, but what few understand at the start is that you should focus your time on what you do best – growing your business – and outsource everything you can that gets in the way of that goal, from book-keeping to day-to-day back-office tasks.

Traditionally, outsourcing has only been considered a possibility for larger firms, but modern technology has made it a possibility for everyone in 2018, and founders should take advantage.

Photograph by Lalmch