Tips for making more informed choices on Netflix

You’ve just come home after a long day at work and want to enjoy dinner while watching something on Netflix. But how do you decide what to choose? If you’re like many people, your choices are almost random and you’ll just go by whatever looks interesting as you browse through different titles. This approach might mean you end up seeing a lot of films you’d rather have skipped. Fortunately, there are better methods.

Pay attention to what’s trending

Netflix offers a section that includes all the most recent trending titles. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have a lot of time to spend looking deep into what’s available, trending titles are smart bets. After all, in order for something to be trending on Netflix, it usually has to feature fairly interesting content.

Ask friends for advice about their favorite films and shows

If you suspect at least some of your friends like the same kinds of films and TV shows you do, why not ask them for ideas of what to watch? Facebook even makes it easy to do that through the Recommendations feature.

You can simply post a status update that says something like, “Got recommendations for a good romantic comedy that’s streaming on Netflix?” Facebook’s technology is primed to pick up on certain words and in this case, “recommendations” would be the one that automatically activates the feature.

Read reviews from reporters and fellow users

The internet is a great resource for figuring out which shows on Netflix are true standouts. You can get the low down on Netflix’s own shows from news outlets like the BBC or browse through some of the reviews users have posted about certain content after streaming it. By reading at least a few reviews, you should start to get a better understanding about if a show is something you’d probably like or one to skip.

Use VPN services for a broader selection of content

Netflix uses integrated technology that shows you a particular assortment of films and shows depending on where you live. Ordinarily, you cannot access content that’s meant for another country, but it’s often possible to do that if you’re watching Netflix through a VPN service.

Check out the https// website to get more details about services for Windows, plus those intended for Macintosh users. Reviews are also helpfully sorted so you can get tips on which ones are best for watching Netflix content that’s available in other countries.

By now you should feel better equipped to make more informed choices when looking through the vast selection of Netflix possibilities. Good luck!

Photograph by Matthew Keys