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Top tips for creating a brilliant online store

E-Commerce sales continue to skyrocket and have done so for the past decade, resulting in many businesses expanding their digital presence as opposed to growing physically. Some are even opting to be solely over the internet, as opposed to real stores. It would be a waste not to consider your own online presence then, as over 10% of total retail sales are now completed online, and this figure is only growing.

Ease and convenience are cornerstones when it comes to giving customers the ultimate retail experience, as audiences have grown to expect more for less, so how can your online store cater to these needs? Making sure your business is a big success in such a competitive market can be difficult, as you try to give your users what they want and need in the best possible way. Here are some top tips on how to attract potential customers, provide them with a good experience and present your store in the best light possible.

Make it look good

If you want your business to fight through the competition, you need to look good, giving users the right impression of your overall business front the outset. Your online presence is representing you, so it should leave users with a good idea of what you are and what you do. If you’re not the most technological business or are a small business without a tech department, it is still easy to make a good-looking website- by using a website builder. Different template options and continued help along the way are available with this website builder software. Colours, images, fonts and the layout of your website are all key features that need to be given serious consideration during the creation of your site, no matter how you are choosing to create it.

These features need to not only be attractive to your target audience, but they need to give users an idea as to who your business is and what you do. Don’t make people work for the information they desire. But, making your store look good doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful in its simplicity; simple is always best. The more bells and whistles you pile on to your pages, the harder it is for users to reach the information they want. You should avoid distracting them from making purchases.

Colour, in particular, can be used to the advantage of your business, it would be a waste to believe that the colours on your site have the sole purpose of making things look pretty. Colour can convey emotion and inflict this on users, allowing you to use it to your business’s advantage. For example, red can create a feeling of passion and excitement, making it an ideal colour for online stores as these emotions drive spending. Alternatively, blue is assumed to portray trust, which is a valuable emotion for business as it will encourage brand loyalty among customers.

Make it easy to use

Make accessing information straightforward, easy and hassle-free. Websites are for customers, so they should be kept in mind every step of the way. Easy navigation is the most attractive functional feature for users; if they can complete actions hassle-free, they are more likely to continue, so think like your potential customers when designing the way your site functions. Ease of use can be achieved by anticipating the wants and needs of your customers and making your key pages as easy to reach as you possibly can.

  • Clear navigation will tell users where they will be taken and allow them to act on your website accordingly. Keep it short and sweet with drop-down menus to avoid clutter and confusion.
  • Divide the content logically to help your users find what they are looking for without requiring them to put in the effort. For example, you could store an option to buy bags under the heading of ‘Accessories’.
  • Make the overall purpose of your store evident for new users. They should be able to establish what your business does within the first few seconds of clicking onto it.

Make it accessible

Not only is e-commerce growing at an increasing speed, but the accessibility of these platforms is ever-expanding to include tablets and smartphones as well as computers and laptops. This demand now means it is as vital as ever for your online store to take advantage of these digital advancements and use it to push awareness of your business and grow your company.

Around 79% of people that own smartphones have used them to make an online purchase, but your business cannot reap in the benefits of this if your site is not optimized for mobile use or if you do not have a mobile-friendly app. Not only will this increase your audience possibilities but it will also continue to offer convenience to your customers and improve their e-commerce experience.

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