Smartphone 2023

What are some of the key mobile trends to watch out for in 2023?

Some people think the smartphone era is coming to an end, others believe it’s only going to get bigger and better. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, there’s no denying that smartphones are still huge in 2023. The handheld devices are starting to integrate some nifty new features, and there are a few trends that users need to watch out for.

Emergence of new games in popular industries

One of the primary reasons that the smartphone industry managed to boom so successfully throughout the 2010s was because of its integration with online casino games. The pick-up-and-play offerings of the iGaming industry suited mobile audiences perfectly, and there was a direct correlation between the growth of both sectors alongside one another.

Slots are still among the most popular games to play on mobile, but there are new ones emerging as well. For instance, Aviator is a brand new crash game. An Aviator bet involves choosing your stake and then cashing out before the plane flies away. When the game starts, there’s a gradually increasing win multiplier as the aircraft ascends. It’s up to players to hold their nerve to get the best returns, but also not get too greedy and let the plane fly away. With games like this growing in popularity, it could lead to a new trend of similar offerings in the mobile market.

Greater influence of AI functions

Artificial intelligence has played a major role in smartphone function for some time, with assistants like Apple’s Siri now able to perform a wide range of tasks. Now, AI’s influence is set to grow further, with a greater number of integrations for the technology. There are already apps emerging that use AI elements and help people with everyday tasks. The most famous offering, ChatGPT, is currently being trialled as an app in the USA. If it’s successful, it will soon roll out to other countries.

There are going to be AI apps for countless jobs in 2023 and beyond, with digital image creation likely to boom. It is now possible to input some key details into an AI image generator and have it churn out original pictures that match what you described. However, with the rise of AI tools, there will also be more AI detection devices to let users know when they are faced with AI content. These could also be used to block out any AI-generated spam.

More augmented reality integration

Another thing to watch out for over the next few years is an increase in augmented reality usage on smartphones. AR has been around since 2016, and there are various applications that feature it already. However, experts expect AR to boom alongside VR before 2030 so there will be a sharp increase in the number of industries that use it. Sectors that could take advantage of AR include clothing and interior design, as it allows people to see how things look without having to have the physical item at hand.

These are just a few of the main things to look out for on smartphones in the years ahead. It’s also likely that there will be an increase in security measures, with a greater focus on biometrics when accessing online pages.