What is in store for the future of online gambling?

There is a huge boom in online gambling now that the Covid-19 pandemic is shutting down institutions across the globe. Just because the casinos are closed doesn’t mean that people want to stop gambling.

It seems that this newest surge in online gambling is going to be a sort of crossroads. Because of the virus, online casinos have a much different future in store than if it hadn’t exploded across the globe.

What will the future look like? In this article, I will take a look at some of the latest trends that will give us an indication of what online gambling will be like going forward.

1 – More crypto based

If there is one thing that the virus has shown us, is how vulnerable fiat currencies are. And how slow to move a government is in getting liquidity into the economy. It takes a long time for a government to put forth a bill to send money into the hands of people so they can stay afloat during a shutdown.

Which makes cryptocurrency much more attractive. With more people turning to Bitcoin and other currencies, it makes sense that casinos would be looking to capitalize on this.

Not only will there be more access to those holding Bitcoin, but the casinos themselves are more likely to be hosted on the blockchain. Both for security and because it will be much easier for people to gamble using their cryptocurrencies.

How can I buy bitcoin you ask? Well, you’ll need a digital wallet to store your Bitcoin and then you use this when you want to buy chips online.

2 – Esports betting

With sports leagues shut down for the  foreseeable future, betting on sports has taken a huge hit. And even when the games start again, there likely will be less enthusiasm to watch the games and put wagers on them.

Esports, however, have not slowed down in the least. After all, they are ideal as you can compete and still stay socially distanced. Since there were so few sports to watch, people started tuning in to esports.

Forget about the debate about whether esports are real sports or the players athletes. People like to watch competition and these games are highly competitive. In fact, they add a lot more elements to sports than you would get in live action games.

People who love to bet on sports are doing so with a lot of good results from esports.

3 – Older generations are involved

Online gambling used to be strictly in the realm of the young. However, that is rapidly changing as older people are now turning to online gambling as well. It makes sense as many of the games are similar to what they’ve been playing on Facebook for the last few years.

Also, now that they can’t go to bingo halls, they are playing old fashioned games like that online. Even slot machine games are popular with the older generation and they are playing those types of games.