Virtual Reality

What is the next big step in mobile gaming?

We have come a long way in the world of mobile gaming. From simple games that could be played on basic phones, to the complex and graphically stunning games available today, mobile gaming has evolved into a powerhouse industry.

Many experts had believed that 5G would be the next big step in mobile gaming, as it has allowed for even more realistic graphics and faster gameplay, indeed, those who use the internet to play at sites including Casumo will have noticed a difference compared to the 4G and 3G networks that were once used to power our data connections.

But what else can we expect from the future of mobile gaming? In this blog post, we will explore some of the possibilities that are available that could have an impact on the industry, and potentially change the way gamers can enjoy their favorite titles in the future!

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality, or AR, is one area that is ripe for exploration in the world of mobile gaming. Pokémon Go was one of the first games to really utilize AR, and it was a huge success. Imagine being able to walk around your city and catch virtual creatures that appear in the real world!

Indeed, it really would not be a surprise if we were to see this technology truly enter the mainstream market in the near future and become widely available for a number of titles. There is no doubt that it will immediately enhance the overall gaming experiences that can be enjoyed on a portable device in the future.

Virtual reality (VR)

Another exciting possibility for mobile gaming is virtual reality, otherwise known as VR.

While VR headsets are not as widespread as smartphones, they are becoming more and more popular. And with the release of new headsets continuing to be made available to purchase that include some rather technical and innovative features, we can expect even more people to jump on the VR bandwagon.

VR takes the gaming experience to an entirely different level to those that are enjoyed when playing titles that use AR, as players will be able to feel as though they are completely immersed in the action that has been created.

With gamers continuing to look for the best way to play games, immersion is a factor that is always near the top of the requirements and demands that they have for the latest titles, therefore it really would not be a surprise to see this form of technology be brought to more playable options soon.

Gaming on wearable devices

Gaming on wearable devices is another trend that is starting to gain traction and it could be one of the next big steps to take place across the mobile gaming industry.

While smartwatches are not as powerful as smartphones, they are much more convenient. Indeed, this convenience that has been offered has meant more and more people have decided to purchase one, and with mobile gaming a popular pastime, perhaps we will see developers look to try and take advantage of the device’s success with the population.

Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is another exciting possibility for the future of mobile gaming. With cloud gaming, you would be able to stream games from a remote server straight to your device. This would eliminate the need for powerful hardware, as all the processing would be done on the server.

Final thoughts

When it comes down to the next big step, the possibilities are endless. At the moment, it would seem very much like guesswork currently, but whatever the step is, it is likely to provide a positive impact on the sector!