What kind of tech can benefit my business?

As people tend to use more technology in their daily lives, from smartphones right down to the wearables they may have, you may be wondering about the different ways that new technologies can benefit your business. By considering the different pieces of equipment and software available to you, you might be able to service your customers better, and even add a new level of security to your operations.

Card Readers

While you probably already take cash payments within your store or company, you may want to consider the different means of taking card payments. Offering these options on your website can allow a hands-off approach to trading, allowing the customer to choose their goods (or service), and then have it sent directly to them. Card readers have been around for many years now, but older models may require a customer to be present at the counter, which can be difficult with some types of business. When it comes to shopping in-store, or even providing a service at a client’s home, you may want to give this contactless card reader a try, as it will allow for debit and credit card payments without forcing you to be tied to a terminal or register. These can run off of Bluetooth, meaning you can connect them to an app on your smartphone, making sure that you have Wi-Fi or data switched on.

Security cameras

Protecting your business can be very important, especially if you have tools or money left on the premises. Having security cameras installed can be helpful in this case. Depending on your budget and needs, you could opt for a system that is manned by an outside company, or even has a police response attached. If this is not affordable, there is also the option of having wirelessly connected cameras, attached to the internet, which will notify you if any movement or sound is detected. You may also be able to view any recordings remotely, however, there is no guarantee that these will still be available if the camera, or its memory card, is destroyed.


You cannot always be available to speak to customers who wish to enquire about your business, especially outside of trading hours. To ensure that they do not get left without a response, you may want to consider the benefits of using chatbot software on your website, or even within your social media. This will generate responses to the customer, based on the information they input. If the bot is unable to meet the customer’s needs, it can also inform you of their information, so that you can respond personally once your working day resumes.

There are so many technologies out there that it can be difficult to figure out which may be best suited to your business. By considering your growth plan, as well as your budget and general business needs, you can decide which should be implemented now, and which you will include in plans for the future.