Apple iPhone X smartphone

Which country works the most hours to afford a mobile phone?

In the year 2017, Apple was the first big-shot company to have shocked the world by offering the first-ever smartphone of the world above the cost of $1000, the iPhone X. Just as every other industry, the entire smartphone business started following the footsteps of Apple and not too later, Samsung came up with its flagship smartphone with some models above the mark of $1500. 

Samsung’s latest flagship phone is the Samsung Galaxy S22 series which consist of 3 phones. Considering the high price of these phones comes the question of its affordability. How much are the Samsung Galaxy S series phones affordable? Individuals who make an ample amount of money yearly will not face any trouble in owning one of these flagship phones from Samsung but what about the laymen? 

Have you ever wondered how many hours you have to work in order to buy the high-end smartphones from Samsung? Well, Money Supermarket did a study on this issue and they offered us a country-to-country basis of affordability of both the Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy S22 Ultra. 

How long do people in Egypt have to work to afford the Galaxy S22 series?

In Egypt, the base variant of Galaxy S22 with 128 GB costs a staggering $1028, which is more than $200 more than its $849 price tag. If you combine this amount with the low average hourly wage of Egypt, it translates that an individual has to work for around 1095 hours in an 8-hour workday basis to purchase a Galaxy S22. 

Coming up are countries like Jordan, Poland, Japan, Ukraine, Indonesia, Morocco, and Philippines, where individuals have to work 92, 87, 76, 65, 62 and 52 days respectively in order to purchase a Galaxy S22. The United States follows in at the third position with labor worth of 4 days, followed by Singapore, Australia, Norway, and Denmark. 

On the contrary, the people in Switzerland have the easiest time to buy the Samsung Galaxy S22, as they just have to work for 32 hours, which is 4 working days. After the presentation or introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, the prices announced for the Russian market were as mentioned below:

  • 8/128GB: 79,900 rubles
  • 8/256GB: 84,990 rubles
  • 8/128GB: 94,990 rubles
  • 8/256GB: 99,990 rubles

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

  • 8/128GB: 114,990 rubles
  • 12/256GB: 124,990 rubles
  • 12/512GB: 134,990 rubles
  • 12GB/1TB: 154,990 rubles

The three Galaxy S22 phones

Among the three new phones that were launched, no phone can be compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Unlike the previous ultra variants in the Galaxy S family, the S22 Ultra is much similar to Galaxy Note. In fact, in case you looked at it, you may think that this is a follow-up of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that was introduced 2 years back. 

The boxy shape of the phone, flat bottom and top, and curvy sides are the hallmarks of Galaxy Note. Nevertheless, the feature that ties the Galaxy S22 to the Note series is the inclusion of the S Pen, complete with the storage slot that is accessible from the bottom of the phone. In short, the Galaxy S22 is designed with some of the best features and hence this hefty price!

Depending on the country you live in, you should calculate the total number of days you need to work in order to be able to afford this high-end flagship phone. Make sure you use the phone vigilantly so that you can utilize all the latest features of this smartphone.