Review / rating

Why are reviews so important in the digital era?

There was a time, many years ago, when reviews were only done by experts in a certain field. Restaurants were appraised by stalwart critics of the industry, professional journalists had the final say on new films, and ex-sports stars and long-term pundits were the only ones able to analyse events. But the internet has vastly changed this paradigm. The online world is a place in which everyone can have a say, and the reputation of businesses can be made, or ruined, by those who post their opinions on the web.

Competition means reputation is key

The fierce competition that exists online in every industry means that a company’s reputation can make or break them. Customers are much more likely to shop or buy from a service that has a trustworthy reputation than one with no reviews on its pages. This is supported by research that has found that 57 percent of customers prefer to shop from a place that has solid reviews. With reviews so abundant online, businesses need to bring the best service possible in order to get good feedback and surpass their rivals.

One of the easiest ways to find a product or a service nowadays is to trawl through review pages first. There are specialist websites that are dedicated to making recommendations to people based on extensive research. For example, online casino players will look for the best reviews, bonuses, and other useful information before choosing a site to play at. By doing this, they know that the online casino is safe and trustworthy, and this can provide peace of mind. Sites like TripAdvisor work in the same way for hotels, restaurants, and attractions, whereas Trustpilot gathers review for products across numerous industries, from retail to tech.

Review culture helps businesses raise their game

One of the best things to come out of the age of ubiquitous reviews is the fact that businesses are kept on their toes and have to deliver the best service in order to receive a good review. No matter where you go these days, you are given the option to write feedback. Google alerts will often pop up on your phone and suggest that you leave a comment and a rating about a place. It’s so easy to do, and a lot of people happily provide feedback.

Garnering all these reviews and opinions doesn’t just help people get a better idea about whether a business is worth visiting, it also allows Google and other major tech firms to get a lot of useful information about people. By knowing what users’ preferences are, Google is able to provide a more tailored service. It can make suggestions based on what it thinks people want. It can also help advertisers identify and target the right people to sell their products to.

The internet and advanced technology have brought reviews to the fore. Customers are now able to clue themselves up about everything from casinos to restaurants. This means that the general quality of service has improved because businesses need to do everything they can to outshine the competition.