Why you need a VPN to make the most of Netflix

Following on from the Netflix VPN ban going into effect three years ago, it has left many wondering that without the ability to use a VPN on the service, what’s the point? Well there are still several benefits available if you choose to use a VPN for Netflix, not to mention the security implications of leaving your connection unprotected.

Unfortunately, there’s no ignoring the elephant in the room when it comes to VPNs and Netflix: geo-blocking. Upon Netflix buying the rights to a new show, the price of the content is agreed by the owners specific to the country or countries which Netflix plans to display the content in. By using VPNs users can ‘pretend’ to Netflix that they are watching from one country when in fact they live in another, preventing the service from accurately determining which users are consuming the content localised to that region. Many believe geo-blocking is unfair practice favouring the big studios leaving customers out in the cold. Well if you believe it’s time to fight back below are some benefits of using a VPN on Netflix:

Maintain Anonymity using Netflix

The main reason users employ the services of a VPN on Netflix is because they want to retain personal privacy while online.

Netflix requires details such as credit card number, home address and phone number when signing up, in using a VPN it keeps your digital information safe while in transit. It’s very much possible for a hacker to easily swipe such data on an unprotected connection without your consent. To retain your online anonymity, it is always worthwhile having a VPN protecting your IP from outside sources.

International Travel

A VPN with Netflix is especially advantageous for those who travel. For example, if you watch all your favourite shows in the US but travel a lot you may find when you land in another country your access will be restricted due to localised geo-blocking content.

This can be a real annoyance for users who travel regularly for business or for military members who are deployed to different bases. However, by using a VPN which maintains active Netflix-ready servers in your host country you won’t be left out in the cold when it comes to watching all your favourite shows.

Larger Library Content

Users use a VPN with Netflix allowing them pure content freedom. The primary reason why the company’s catalogue differs in countries is due to ‘territorial licensing’. In using a VPN for Netflix, it allows users circumvent the price-gouging of television and movie studios to take full control of the content they want to view, regardless of their location.

When it comes to choosing a VPN for Netflix, no VPN is the same they offer specific features, but there are certain standard criteria to look out for:


VPNs are only as good as their ability to keep users safe and data protected and these concerns are key to all the best VPN providers, without this assurance it’s best to avoid at all costs..
Given all the features VPNs offer, security is the most important, it’s imperative at the very least your VPN protects user information with the highest level of encryption when using Netflix.

No Log Policies

VPNs also prevents user’s online behaviour from being monitored and tracked when they are using the streaming service. They also stop ISPs and other third parties from being able to see what you do online.


In choosing a VPN which supports streaming you will be able to watch titles on Netflix which otherwise might be restricted in your location due to geo-blocking. The best VPN for Netflix offer fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth, limiting annoying buffering and interruptions.
Finally, below we choose two of the best VPN options for Netflix:


When it comes to opening access to Netflix content from other territories, ‘ExpressVPN’ is one of the best available tools on the market. The company endow themselves to users with their ability of streaming site unblocking capabilities. While they also offer several helpful resources on their site, including tips and tricks for improving your Netflix experience and links to browser extensions and add-ons to use while using Netflix. ExpressVPN offers streaming-ready network and servers located in 94 countries, with native app support for most devices and a 30-day money back guarantee.


With NordVPN you will have no more geo-blocks, so you can concentrate on watching your favourite Netflix content from around the world. NordVPN offers the necessary speed, encryption, server types and locations to successfully bypass geo-blocks and VPN blocking protocols put in place by Netflix. With unsurpassed levels of security and a strict no logging policy, NordVPN today has over 4,800 servers across 62 countries.

Photo by Petter Lagson on Unsplash