Retina Display coming to Apple iPad 3

Retina Display Coming To iPad 3 And Non-Apple Devices

Retina Display coming to Apple iPad 3LG Display CEO Kwon Young-soo appears to have confirmed that the “Retina Display” famously introduced on Apple‘s iPhone 4 will be coming to both the next generation iPad and other non-Apple smartphones and tablets. In a meeting with reporters yesterday, he first accused Samsung of misleading the market on OLED displays which he claims “are not suitable in terms of picture quality, response time, energy consumption and contrast ratios for smartphones and tablets”, but went on to note that more smartphone manufacturers will release new models employing LG’s “Retina Display” that has been used in iPhones and iPads.

Whilst not definitive proof, his claims add veracity to the widely held belief that the display resolution of the iPad would be bumped for the next generation to 2048-by-1536 pixels – a “Retina Display”. The other upgrades to the leading tablet are still mysteries with Apple remaining tight-lipped as ever before product releases, although it does appear that Apple is moving their supply chain away from Samsung with the ongoing legal battle.

[via Korea Times]

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