Amazon Sees Fastest Growth In A Decade With 51% Revenue Increase

Amazon KindleAmazon have announced the results of a bumper second quarter this year with revenues rising 51%. The NET sales of the ecommerce powerhouse have risen from $6.57 billion for Q2 2010, to $9.91 billion for the same period this year – and all of this against a first quarter of this year in which income fell 33% due to a massive wave of hiring and a 42% increase in operating expenses.

CEO Jeff Bezos made special highlights of the increase in Kindle sales this quarter, especially the subsidized Kindle 3G with Special Offers that reduces the price of a Kindle by 25% by bundling advertisements with the product. He went on to underscore recent technological developments with their movement into on-demand television streaming and the Cloud Drive for online storage and Cloud Player for streaming music.

If their soon to be released Android tablet can live up to expectations then it is looking like a very good year indeed for Amazon.

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