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Chrome Overtakes Firefox in UK Browser Market

Browser WarsChrome has overtaken Firefox to become the second most widely used web browser in the UK according to new statistics provided by StatCounter. Last month Chrome notched up 22% market-share, with Firefox coming in close behind at 21%.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is stubbornly remaining at the top of the browser league table with a 45% share of the browser market, but its lead is likely more to do with it being the default browser on most Windows PCs and many users not knowing to look elsewhere. Microsoft added a browser ballot screen to new Windows installations in March of this year in order to Pacify the European Commission that had found them guilty of anti-competitive practices by bundling IE with Windows to the exclusion of competitors such as Netscape in the past, and Firefox and Chrome today.

Whilst Chrome has benefited from Google’s deep pockets and wide use for marketing, Firefox is the truly open source browser that reignited the browser wars after Microsoft effectively killed off Netscape. Mozilla, the creators behind Firefox, are one of the big success stories of the open source movement and the fast pace of progress in web technologies today are at least in part down to the developments made in producing Mozilla. The majority of Mozilla’s funds have always, however, come from the default search deal with Google – who pas Mozilla for each Firefox download.

Chrome is a more recent development and is the result of Google pushing for speed and minimalism after Firefox had started to become a little bloated after early lean successes. The competition from Chrome has pushed browser technology developments even faster, especially with regard to JavaScript engines – something relied on by new HTML5 technologies. Not only has it shown the way for speed, but it has pushed Firefox development towards that goal as well – with both also continually focused on security.

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