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Google Buys 1,029 Patents From IBM

Google PatentsAfter all the news coverage of Google losing out to Apple, Microsoft, RIM and the other companies which made up Rockstar Bidco in the auction for Nortel’s patent portfolio, Google has quietly bought up over a thousand patents from IBM.

Google purchased the patents for an undisclosed sum, and although they do not appear to relate directly to the mobile sector in which they, and affiliated companies, are facing the most litigation – but a stockpile of patents this size will certainly be useful in a defence strategy s noted in the Official Google Blog. The current US patent system rewards those who abuse it to stifle the innovation of others or block competitors, so the best plan for a company to ward off potential litigation is to grow their own patent portfolio following a doctrine of mutually assured destruction.

Here’s a list of all 1,029 patents (via SEO by the Sea):

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