Apple vs Samsung Litigation

Apple Gets Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung Tab 10.1 Across EU

Apple vs Samsung LitigationAfter the lawsuit battles in the US between Apple and Samsung over the copycat “look and feel” of Samsung’s Android smart devices, Apple has brought the fight to the EU gaining a preliminary injunction against Samsung selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in any EU state (except the Netherlands).

Apple claims that Samsung has infringed on Community Design 000181607-0001 (embedded below), and successfully obtained the preliminary injunction in a court in Germany yesterday. Whilst the patents systems for the EU remain fragmented, a Community Registered Design is an intellectual property right granted by an agency of the EU and can therefore be enforced on an EU-wide basis. Apple has also applied for a similar injunction in Australia which has pushed back the Galaxy 10.1’s launch date in the country.

[The continued battle between Apple and Samsung is being covered in detail over at FOSS Patents]

Community Design 000181607-0001

…and here’s Apple complaint as filed:
10-08-04 Apple Motion for EU-Wide Prel Inj Galaxy Tab 10.1

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