HP Pre3 Firesale

[DEAL] HP Pre 3 Firesale (£49 For 1.4GHz WebOS Smartphone)

HP Pre3 Firesale

After the roaring demand that HP managed to get by slashing the cost of their tablets, there are now following that by discounting the HP Pre 3 phone down to £49 (that’s a saving of £220). This is a smartphone only released this month just as HP announced their move away from the consumer-facing market.

The HP Pre 3 boasts a 1.4GHz Snapdragon CPU, an Adreno 205 GPU, 8GB/16GB of internal storage, a 3.58-inch 480×800 display, 512MB of RAM, and a 5-megapixel camera and runs WebOS 2.0. We will keep this post updated with links to where you can pick up this bargain as and when they happen just like we did for the TouchPad firesale. Indeed, with the pairing offered between the TouchPad and the Pre3, they will work very well together.

UPDATE (17:00 on 27/09): Mobiles.co.uk have Pre 3 back in stock!
Best deal as yet is HP Pre 3 for £9/mo for 12 months on Vodafone

Mobiles.co.uk (£9/month for 300 mins / unlimited texts / 500MB data)

(You need to choose the Smartphone 300 (12 months) plan for £36/month and then choose 9 months free by redemption to bring the total cost over 12 months for phone and plan to £108). This is one seriously cheap deal for a smartphone. Also check the the best offers on Phones For Sale.

UPDATE 22/09 12:00 The HP Eurostore have in stock a number of the French (AZERTY rather than QWERTY keyboard) Pre 3s for £169.


Mobiles.co.uk STILL HAVE STOCK.

UPDATE (12:45 on 01/09): Some networks are now offering the Palm Pre 3 on very cheap contracts.
Mobiles.co.uk (from £10.50/month)
Carphone Warehouse (from £10.50/month)

UPDATE (14:00 on 26/08): HP has dropped the suggested retail price (SRP) of the Pre 3 down to £69, with a note to call 0845 270 4142 to discuss buying options – but if you phone them they just say they have no stock… They also link to PCWorld and Harrods as stockists, but they do not appear to have the Pre 3 for sale online yet.
UPDATE (12:00 on 25/08): It appears that HP might be only selling the Pre 3 directly through its own sales channel. No retailers have got stock yet, and some are saying HP will be only selling the Pre 3 themselves and so have cancelled all previous orders for the device.
More information as we get it

We have no details as to which stores will be stocking the Pre 3 and selling it at £49 yet.

UPDATE (14:00 on 24/08): The retailers are still waiting for information from HP as to where the stock is being allotted, and for the discounts. Updates will continue as we get them.

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