HP Pre3 Firesale

[DEAL] HP Pre 3 Firesale (£49 For 1.4GHz WebOS Smartphone)

HP Pre3 Firesale

After the roaring demand that HP managed to get by slashing the cost of their tablets, there are now following that by discounting the HP Pre 3 phone down to £49 (that’s a saving of £220). This is a smartphone only released this month just as HP announced their move away from the consumer-facing market.

The HP Pre 3 boasts a 1.4GHz Snapdragon CPU, an Adreno 205 GPU, 8GB/16GB of internal storage, a 3.58-inch 480×800 display, 512MB of RAM, and a 5-megapixel camera and runs WebOS 2.0. We will keep this post updated with links to where you can pick up this bargain as and when they happen just like we did for the TouchPad firesale. Indeed, with the pairing offered between the TouchPad and the Pre3, they will work very well together.

UPDATE (17:00 on 27/09): Mobiles.co.uk have Pre 3 back in stock!
Best deal as yet is HP Pre 3 for £9/mo for 12 months on Vodafone

Mobiles.co.uk (£9/month for 300 mins / unlimited texts / 500MB data)

(You need to choose the Smartphone 300 (12 months) plan for £36/month and then choose 9 months free by redemption to bring the total cost over 12 months for phone and plan to £108). This is one seriously cheap deal for a smartphone. Also check the the best offers on Phones For Sale.

UPDATE 22/09 12:00 The HP Eurostore have in stock a number of the French (AZERTY rather than QWERTY keyboard) Pre 3s for £169.


Mobiles.co.uk STILL HAVE STOCK.

UPDATE (12:45 on 01/09): Some networks are now offering the Palm Pre 3 on very cheap contracts.
Mobiles.co.uk (from £10.50/month)
Carphone Warehouse (from £10.50/month)

UPDATE (14:00 on 26/08): HP has dropped the suggested retail price (SRP) of the Pre 3 down to £69, with a note to call 0845 270 4142 to discuss buying options – but if you phone them they just say they have no stock… They also link to PCWorld and Harrods as stockists, but they do not appear to have the Pre 3 for sale online yet.
UPDATE (12:00 on 25/08): It appears that HP might be only selling the Pre 3 directly through its own sales channel. No retailers have got stock yet, and some are saying HP will be only selling the Pre 3 themselves and so have cancelled all previous orders for the device.
More information as we get it

We have no details as to which stores will be stocking the Pre 3 and selling it at £49 yet.

UPDATE (14:00 on 24/08): The retailers are still waiting for information from HP as to where the stock is being allotted, and for the discounts. Updates will continue as we get them.

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  2. So things are going to just like HP Touchpad with this phone. Only thing is that my current phone is palm pre and trust me this phone is not even worth £49. Buy this phone if you don’t mind charging it three times a day.


  3. MatthewShine


    You’re judging the battery life of the Pre3 on that of a phone 2 generations older?


  4. @MatthewShine I guess you are right. May be after the HP touchpad failure this was my way of not getting in to race. If this phone doesn’t have batter issue then there is nothing else wrong in OS and feel of it.

  5. But who is selling them at £49??

  6. techfruit

    @m61 I’m still waiting for news on the retailers. I will update the post as soon as I get news.

  7. from the HP Eurostore:

    “STOCK AVAILABILITY UPDATE OUT OF STOCK! Update Wed 24th 10am : Sorry, No stock will be available for order for the remainder of this week. Next Update: Fri 26th 10am. Customer Service staff will not have any further information – it will be communicated directly here on this page. “


  8. techfruit

    @m61 Thanks for the update!

  9. Any word on whether HP will be offering partial refunds if it is bought at regular price?

  10. @alexsc09 handtec said they will not be selling them at all. They selling palm pre 2 @ 137.99

  11. AlexandruLighezan

    any european store that carries the pre 3 and delivers to the uk?

  12. tweet from handtec

    “#pre3 understand going to networks so not available on sim free basis”

  13. CallumStarrs

    when i go onto the HP’s “smartphone” page, it throws me to the laptops page

  14. techfruit

    @CallumStarrs Yeah they aren’t for sale yet. Taking down the page stops HP from having to deal with everyone trying to pre-order when stock isn’t allocated yet.

  15. techfruit

    @kmria Interesting… thanks for the info.

  16. LeeWalthall

    Palm store is now showing this update:

    Update Thur 25th 9pm : No new orders can be taken for this Product at this time. No change expected to that position before 31st August Next Update: Customers who have an existing order with us will be contacted directly by our customer service team on Friday 26th in relation to the status of their order. We will contact you – please can we ask you to be patient and await contact by us. Please do not ring or email us as this will only further delay the process. Timing of contact will not in any way affect the status of your order. We, at Palm Eurostore, are continuing to pursue all options to try to obtain Pre3 product. We do not, however, expect to have any further information in this respect before Wed 31st Aug. Any new information will appear here first. Customer Service staff will not have any further information – it will be communicated directly here on this page. Thank you for your continued patience

  17. antstephenson

    Price down to £69
    I can’t open the pop-up though to see who the resellers are (something to do with the setup on our work citrix chip pc setup)…. can anyone have a look for the resellers and post a list?

  18. monkeymerv

    Good find – I think this is the generic product finder for Europe which lists Currys / PCWorld in the UK.

  19. yelrekazaf

    For London the pop up says Harrods and one PCWorld. It’s the same retail locator as is launched by the main HP UK page.

  20. antstephenson

    @yelrekazaf and @monkeymerv
    Thanks guys. tried both websites, but couldn’t see the item. Will look again later.

  21. techfruit

    @antstephenson Thanks for the info – post updated.

  22. LeeWalthall

    Phoned the number on the HP site and just before you get put thru to an operator you get a recorded message to say they have no stock. You dont get chance to put the phone down and when I spoke to a person they said not stock but to keep an eye on the website for any updates.

  23. yelrekazaf

    @antstephenson@monkeymerv Dropped in to the PC World (Kensington) on my way home and they have no phones of any kind and have no information about the Pre 3. Since it’s the same retail locator that is launched by all of the products on the HP UK website I reckon it’s just the default retailers for London and nothing to do with the Pre 3

  24. antstephenson

    So they’ve posted the price drop on the official HP site with no real clue to where we can actully BUY one at the rduced price.
    This is going to be nearly as big a debacle as the Touchpad firesale.
    I think Steve Jobs/Tim Cook will end up getting my money as I succumb to a new iphone and/or ipad……. HP FAIL

  25. monkeymerv


    I’m uncertain that HP will care if you spend your hard earned cash on Apple products, after all their consumer facing division is up for sale, and they wasted 1.2 billion on the acquisition of Palm / WebOS which they’re in the process of laying to rest :)

  26. antstephenson


    Yeah, I know my rantings will be of no interest to HP whatsoever, but sometimes you just gotta get something off your chest :-)

    After dropping a shedload of money to buy Palm/WebOs, then failing to launch the product successfully, then killing its baby and THEN mishandling the firesale of both it’s WebOs products….. HP’s name is mud, not just amongst consumers, but in the professional world too. Unfortunately it’s handing of WebOs has been amateurish every step of the way and will not inspire confidence in the customers of the products they are now focusing on.

  27. @antstephenson@monkeymerv _ I am still not sure if I want to buy this phone as there will be no app library, no after sale service and tbh I had very very very bitter experience from Palm Pre (yes, yes it’s two generation old and all that but still comes from same family)

    In other words not as keen to buy it as I was for them touchpad which as a photographer have a good use for .

  28. antstephenson


    I know what you’re saying Kmria.

    Let’s hope WebOs doesn’t die though – it would be nice to have an alternative to the admittedly excellent iOS.

    I know Android is out there and is shipping by the boatload (I have an Android device and an iOS device), but to my mind Android is not the polished high-end tool that iOS is (and that WebOs should be with the right hardware).

    Android is great for modders and hackers and it also has value in the low-end smartphone market; but, I wonder for how long they’ll be able to get away with shipping £400 Samsung and HTC devices… I suspect that after the initial wave of curiosity, those customers may move back to iOS, or possibly to the next generation of Windows mobile phones (if/when MS and Nokia get their act together).

    Let’s hope someone can rescue WebOs and give Apple and MS a run for their money in the high/mid range market.

  29. monkeymerv


    I know what you mean with the rant :) I spent far too many hours of my life this week trying get hold of a Touchpad, all to no avail, just hoping Expansys come through with a unit I pre-ordered earlier in the week!?

    Totally agree in terms of the handling / press release relating to the the sale of the consumer division, and the axing of the WebOS devices was incredibly inept however not a total surprise, CEO Leo Apotheker vision for HP is enterprise and the purchase of the British software company Autonomy for 7.1bn supports this, HP will soon become another IBM only with a consumer printer division.

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  31. chandlerweb

    Now available from Carphone warehouse. Some better deals on mobiles.co.uk (also owned by CPW)

  32. @chandlerweb Thanks for the tip! Post updated.

  33. chandlerweb

    Keep an eye on the HP Euro Store web site tomorrow

  34. chandlerweb

    From https://eurostore.palm.com/epages/Store.sf/secfVPIATqln7E/?ObjectPath=/Shops/PalmStore/Products/HP-FB437AA-ABU

    Update Wed 7th Sep 20:00 : Palm Eurostore is pleased to announce that we expect to be in a position to offer the HP Pre 3 AZERTY model ( FB436AA#ABF ) for sale very soon – hopefully before the end of this week. You’ll forgive us if we take just a little more time to ensure we are 100% confident we will be in a position to fulfill all expectations in relation to orders placed.

  35. @chandlerweb That’s great news – thanks for the updates!

    I’ll update the post when we get some more firm details.

  36. chandlerweb

    Now on sale at url below for £169.99

  37. Is the phone locked to Vodafone or unlocked?

  38. @chandlerweb Thanks – post updated with link and AZERTY explanation – hopefully people don’t get confused on that…

  39. @timzter I don’t know I’m afraid – probably best to ask Mobiles.co.uk that one.

  40. The HP Eurostore is back in stock

  41. MatthewShine

    Isn’t it about time the £49 and £69 references were removed?

    Seeing as it seems obvious they will never hit that price.

    • @MatthewShine That’s a fair comment, although at this point I don’t think even HP know how they will price products over the next month or so.

      The top of the article is mostly a press release from HP and introduction to the firesale, with the actual updated (regularly) content beneath that. If I was writing the article again now, I would obviously not quote the £49 price point, but I feel removing it from the title/introduction now would be disingenuous as to the article I originally wrote.

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