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[DEAL] HP TouchPad Firesale Now On

HP TouchPad


With HP moving away from the laptop and consumer electronics business – they are currently having a firesale on their HP TouchPads. So far the sale has crashed some of the UK’s biggest online stores, but if you keep trying you should be able to snap one up as the stores drop their prices one by one.

Even though these are end of line tablets, £89 for a tablet with the spec of a TouchPad is worth investing in as whilst WebOS is a great OS (and may be snapped up by other manufacturers like Lenovo, or HTC), you can be sure that Android is going to be ported to the device pretty soon (hello TouchDroid). You’ll also get free lifetime storage from Box.net (normally $20/month) for which you’ll make back your purchase price in under a year.

You can pick up the 16GB TouchPad for £89 and the 32GB TouchPad for £115 at the following stores (more to come as we get them – if you know of somewhere we missed – let us know in the comments):


UPDATE 16:45 09/09
You can buy a 32GB HP TouchPad right now with an official case (normally £40) and wireless charging dock (normally £50) for £249 from PC World

This deal prices the 32GB TouchPad at £169 – not as cheap as before, but still a bargain!
(Please do be aware that HP’s offer to refund customers the difference between their purchase price and the firesale price currently only applies to WebOS accounts registered before 23rd August, and does not apply to package deals)

You can also apparently pre-order the 64GB HP TouchPad through an Amazon reseller for £362.88 before its 15th September release date.

UPDATE 13:00 on 01/09 >> The next batch of TouchPads that we referred to before are apparently not bound for UK shores according to a statement gained from HP by Mobot. But with the way HP seems to be about-turning every couple of days with these things, it still may be possible…


// UPDATE 20:00 on 30/08 >> It appears that HP will be manufacturing a limited run of TouchPads within the next few weeks (before the end of October) to meet demand. Whether this is to fulfil pre-orders placed at places such as Amazon is unknown, as is where these will be stocked – but rest assured I’ll be keeping this post updated as and when we get new information.

// Update 20:40 on 23/08 >> It appears the sale is over folks. All stores out of stock.

Amazon, Argos, BestBuy, BHS Direct, BUY.com, Carphone Warehouse, Comet, Crescent Electronics, Currys, DABS, Dixons, Ebuyer, Expansys, Insight UK, John Lewis, LaptopsDirect, Laskys, Lambda-tek, Misco, Pixmania, Play.com, PrePayMania, Staples, TechDepot, Tesco Direct are all OUT OF STOCK.

Not Managed To Grab A TouchPad?

Maybe try a 7″ BlackBerry Playbook for £169 or a 7″ HTC Flyer for £199)

Maybe try an Apple iPad 2

Play.com: 16GB Black (WiFi) | 16Gb White (WiFi) | 64GB (WiFi+3G) | 32GB White (WiFi+3G)

Or maybe a Kindle

Amazon UK: Kindle (WiFi) | Kindle (WiFi+3G(free)

  1. Is it definite that those other retailers listed will be discounting soon? Any ideas when?

  2. techfruit


    No, it’s not certain but most retailers will be slashing them to the £89/115 price points in order to shift the now lame duck stock.

    HP is covering the cost of the firesale, so I don’t see why any store wouldn’t – but no idea of timings I’m afraid.

  3. @techfruit Thanks.

    Might be worth adding links to Argos, Tesco Direct etc. to the above then?

  4. techfruit

    @sjmarvin That’s a fair point… I’m just adding them as and when I spot some for sale, but I’ll put them up too.

  5. techfruit

    @sjmarvin Check Carphone Warehouse NOW!

  6. Varemenos

    Comet sold out

  7. techfruit

    @Varemenos Thanks for the info

  8. Amazon has got them on sale now just add them to the basket

  9. BlueEyedSoulMan

    Amazon say temporarily out of stock!

  10. techfruit

    @jasksta Thanks for the heads up.

  11. techfruit

    @BlueEyedSoulMan Yes, Amazon are temporarily out of stock but they still allow you to order a 16GB TouchPad for £89. Some US stores are getting more shipments of TouchPads to replenish stocks, but I haven;t heard anything like that on the UK-front yet.

    Might be worth checking the other stores like Play, Laskys, and BHS as they have hundreds in stock still apparently.

  12. Varemenos

    Thanks! i placed an order. hopefully i will get one :(

  13. Varemenos

    @BlueEyedSoulMan Will amazon ship internationally (specifically Greece) or is it only for UK/US residents?

  14. techfruit

    @Varemenos@BlueEyedSoulMan Amazon.co.uk will ship various products to Greece (see http://j.mp/p7zGRo ), but there can be some other restrictions on certain products to certain destinations (see http://j.mp/r46G50 ). Maybe try and see?

  15. BlueEyedSoulMan


    Yep, I read that but little worried I place order with Amazon and no one else only to find Amazon don’t get any more!

  16. Varemenos

    @techfruit@BlueEyedSoulMan already made an order, hopefully i will get one :)

  17. BlueEyedSoulMan

    Argos have twittered this “Argos.co.uk will be unavailable overnight from 11.30pm. Apologies for any inconvenience”

  18. Man_with_a_plan

    Still full price but this site has some: http://uk.buy.com/PR/Product.aspx?sku=222961136

  19. BlueEyedSoulMan


    Seems like most of the stores with large stocks have yet to discount them…..

  20. BlueEyedSoulMan


    Good luck mate!

  21. martinchopkins

    comet now removed all touchpad pages.

  22. martinchopkins

    along with amazon;

  23. Varemenos

    Amazon prize is back to normal

  24. Man_with_a_plan

    I just spoke to Expansys and the grumpy woman at customer services said they’re not dropping their prices

  25. Lamdarek “This item is no longer available for sale.”

  26. @techfruit SOLD OUT :(

  27. techfruit

    @newsnet Thanks for the info!

  28. techfruit

    @Man_with_a_plan Thanks – I’ll update the post

  29. lifelongpuma

    i just called DABS and they are sold out. :)

  30. lifelongpuma

    and Play is not reducing the price yet ……

  31. techfruit

    @lifelongpuma Seriously? Their site is claiming “Over 200 in stock” and they are still selling at full price.

  32. techfruit

    @lifelongpuma Play, BHS Direct, Expansys, and Misco have all kept the full price so far. We’re waiting for them to drop…

  33. lifelongpuma

    @techfruit just called DABS again and now they said that they will probably have the price reduced before lunchtime on the website, so just refresh ur webpage :)

  34. lifelongpuma

    @techfruit and they hav 200+ in stock :)

  35. lifelongpuma

    update on expansys….. they are sold out. they just told me that they were sold out around 8:15 AM on the reduced price. the stock and price on the website will be updated shortly . i guess we missed out on this one too.

  36. Man_with_a_plan

    staples is showing it at £89 but the website just crashes… i called them and they said they have none in stock now but will be finding out later if they’re getting any more.

  37. lifelongpuma

    @Man_with_a_plan i just called them too. and they said the exactly the same thing LOL

  38. techfruit

    @lifelongpuma@Man_with_a_plan Their site still lets me add one to basket at £89, so I’ll leave that there for the moment. Keep the info coming though guys – thanks!

  39. techfruit

    @lifelongpuma Their site *should* auto-update with stock. I appreciate sometimes that doesn’t work under mass server strain – but if they sold out at 8.15am you would imagine the site should have updated by now…

  40. Man_with_a_plan

    I was just able to order one from staples online…. lets see if it comes!

  41. RhysLaval

    Just rang Misco and they said the price drop will be before lunch time so…..

  42. Staples are selling them at £125 for the 32 Gb version… but that is without VAT!

    £153 including VAT!

  43. techfruit

    @RhysLaval Great – thanks for the heads up!

  44. techfruit

    @trbone Their pricing is changing dynamically from the amount of traffic they are getting for those products. Quite a few sites do this…

  45. techfruit

    @Man_with_a_plan Good luck!

  46. techfruit

    @martinchopkins Thanks

  47. techfruit

    If the site is a little slow at the moment I apologise, but we are getting a new visitor a second at the moment… the TouchPad sale seems to have hit mass hysteria

  48. staples, sold out too

  49. RhysLaval

    Dabs price drop.

  50. techfruit

    @RhysLaval Already updated. Thanks!

    Are they sold out of the 16GB, that page doesn’t load for me?

  51. RhysLaval

    @techfruit Stuck in the checkout with the 32Gb version.

  52. techfruit

    @RhysLaval Fingers crossed…

  53. techfruit

    @RhysLaval Both now say “On order, stock delayed”. Looks like they’ve all gone.

  54. RhysLaval

    @techfruit Agreed. Websites too slow order from.

  55. voodoochild.jr

    @techfruit@RhysLaval still lets you add to basket not sure if its worth doing or not

  56. voodoochild.jr

    @RhysLaval@techfruit bugger i give up on dabs

  57. bobanators

    @RhysLaval misco site has failed… :(

  58. RhysLaval

    @voodoochild.jr@techfruit Depends how soon they get the other 200 I guess…

  59. voodoochild.jr

    misco acting very strangly

  60. RhysLaval

    @voodoochild.jr Same here works great on the phone

  61. bobanators

    high traffic im guessing @voodoochild.jr

  62. voodoochild.jr

    @bobanators yeah you’re probably right, as the available websites start to dwindle everyone flocks to the sites that still have some

  63. Man_with_a_plan

    It’s £105 inc VAT

  64. @Man_with_a_plan £15 more, no 32 GB?

  65. GarethMrmarksLewis

    this is making me ill, so much pressure

  66. bobanators

    ive lost 7 hairs since last night! @GarethMrmarksLewis

  67. @Man_with_a_plan also “ordered upon request”. Wonder if these are now in an HP or 3rd party warehouse, and BT, Dabs, etc, adding a few quid to make a nice tidy profit from the suddent excitement.

  68. RhysLaval

    @gicarey@Man_with_a_plan It shows the exact same error as the dab secure site offline page.

  69. ChrisCeejHarpham

    BT isn’t letting me go through the checkout, though I have one in my basket. Traffic must be huge

  70. GarethMrmarksLewis

    @ChrisCeejHarpham same here =(

  71. GarethMrmarksLewis

    u guys think its worth ordering from dabs? Ordered upon request

  72. @ChrisCeejHarpham same here, presses checkout but it’s going no place

  73. BT Shop got order upon request too :(

  74. can’t remember why I even wanted one anymore… bargain fever overriding rational thought

  75. ChrisCeejHarpham

    Misco down

  76. @ChrisCeejHarpham Same with BT Shop, finally got msg, ‘We are sorry but the secure area of the BT Shop website is currently offline for important maintenance. ‘

  77. RhysLaval

    @GarethMrmarksLewis Yeah same with BT shop? I’ve got to the last page but don’t want to wait many weeks before they get more stock in.

  78. ChrisCeejHarpham

    @kmria That’s what I have, it’s the exact same screen as dabs was giving as well. As less determined people filter away should be back up soon hopefully. I’m hedging my bets on an Amazon one I ordered for 89 last night but I don’t know if the stock levels were correct or anything so I want to try bt to make sure i do get one

  79. bobanators

    Does anybody know if argos are going to change their prices? Because i have one reserved there now, but they are still £429 and i dont want to find out that they wont refund me the difference or find out they are charging over the odds for them.. :/

  80. ChrisCeejHarpham

    @bobanators Check returns policy, they probably have a 28 day return if the product isn’t open so you’d be alright

  81. this is crazy, my F5 button is all gone smooth, can’t even see the writing on it ;) !!!

  82. ChrisCeejHarpham

    uk.Insight.com is running like British Rail on a leafy day

  83. voodoochild.jr

    lol i was going to say @ChrisCeejHarpham

  84. techfruit

    @ChrisCeejHarpham I don’t think anyone was ready for this demand…

  85. bobanators

    yeah there is a 30 day returns.. may pick it up in hope they will change their prices.. @ChrisCeejHarpham

  86. voodoochild.jr

    same with misco @ChrisCeejHarpham

  87. GarethMrmarksLewis

    @bobanators beware argos returns they have a weird thing if something had memory and wont replace unless they are faulty

  88. GezMazurke

    I’ve got a Sega Gamegear for sale if anyones interested?

  89. bobanators

    Yeah i read that, but i do not open it it should be fine.. @GarethMrmarksLewis

  90. bobanators

    @GarethMrmarksLewis yeah i read that, but if i don’t open it, it should be fine..

  91. GarethMrmarksLewis

    @bobanators thats true

  92. @bobanators If you buy online, surely distance selling regulation would cover it??

    ‘Most things we sell are covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee, so just return them to us unused, in their original undamaged packaging, in a saleable condition, with your receipt and we’ll give you a refund.’


  93. ChrisCeejHarpham

    BT have rather annoyingly sold out I believe. I couldn’t get through to checkout (and neither could anyone else?) and now when I go to my basket it’s there but says it’s discontinued and 0 remaining…

  94. Guys this is strange. Last night I ordered a Touchpad 16GB at the sale
    Price of Amazon UK. I had an open order at my account and now that order
    has vanished!!! Last night I even got a confirmation email saying:

    We’ll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item. It will ship separately. You can cancel at any time.
    1 “HP TouchPad 9.7 inch Tablet PC (16GB, Glossy Black) – UK Version”
    Personal Computers; £91.23

  95. voodoochild.jr

    weird…surely if you have a email confirmation it shouldnt matter? also check to see if they have charged you @glykosg

  96. Come on Play.com!!! They’ve actually got the infrastructure to deal with something like this and they’re doing nada!!!

  97. techfruit

    @glykosg Sounds like they cancelled your order – something they will be doing to pretty much everyone who ordered when it said “out of stock”. They should have emailed you though – maybe it is on the way and taking a while to send them to the 1000s of people that did the same thing? When did it vanish?

  98. GezMazurke

    @blibit7 their laughing at all the other sites waiting for their time to shine

  99. ChrisCeejHarpham

    @glykosg My order is still there

  100. techfruit

    @blibit7 I imagine they are relying on the sale giving the tablets a marketing bump and them selling a few at full price. I imagine not everyone knows this firesale is going on…

  101. GarethMrmarksLewis

    @blibit7 either that or buying more servers ready for they boom :P

  102. clarkeymail

    Im going to need a new mouse!

  103. @techfruit@glykosg Why did they allow us to order if it was out of stock?

  104. Which HP hopes they’ll buy from them… it’s just one stroke of HP’s masterplan!


  105. voodoochild.jr

    insight uk is just a no go at the moment

  106. ChrisCeejHarpham

    I had one in my dabs basket but even though I tried to use the checkout a million times it didn’t work and now they’ve taken it out of basket. If a shelf-stacker at Tesco took your bananas out of your trolley and sold them to someone else wouldn’t you be a little peeved?

  107. techfruit

    @alexsc09@glykosg Because with almost everything else they sell, when they are out of stock they just order some more and deliver it to you asap. That’s not possible here though as HP are selling everything now.

  108. ChrisCeejHarpham

    BT took the tablet out of my basket too

  109. @techfruit

    The open order was there until around 06:00 UK time.
    I just logged via my iPhone an hour ago and there is no order there :-(

  110. clarkeymail

    I wonder how many times Refresh has been hit today!

  111. Man_with_a_plan

    I bet play.com is taking it in… crescentelectronics.co.uk had 2100 touchpads this morning, they now have only 1300 and they’re still selling them at full price. I bet play.com gets much more traffic so god only knows how many they’re selling at full price. I guess people are thinking they’ll be able to get a refund from the retailer or from HP but thats a dangerous game to play. @blibit7

  112. skywaystudios

    @Man_with_a_plan@blibit7 How is it dangerous? If you don’t get a refund you just send it back as per any other product for sale online – under distance selling they have to give you a refund (and will anyway if it’s sent back within 28 days)…

  113. Man_with_a_plan

    Good point… but i think its 14days for distance selling @skywaystudios @blibit7

  114. voodoochild.jr

    its a good game to play if you can afford the full price first off, something which i cant so therefore waiting for something reduced @skywaystudios @Man_with_a_plan @blibit7

  115. clarkeymail

    @ChrisCeejHarpham Yep me too! – I’m guessing this is going to happen all day!

  116. GarethMrmarksLewis

    @skywaystudios@Man_with_a_plan@blibit7 because you will have to pay for the delivery back and they dont have to give you another one

  117. RhysLaval

    Misco down totally now.

  118. It’s not as dangerous as trying that ViewPad Try for Free thing that ViewSonic did! I did it, knowing that I didn’t want the product, so that I could see if I would ever actually use a tablet. I returned it in full working order having used it for 2 weeks and they said it was fine. I’m still waiting for my refund 60 days later! Grr….@Man_with_a_plan @skywaystudios

  119. skywaystudios

    yeah 14 days for distance but play.coms return policy is 28 days and they will give you a refund under that anyway so not a risk at all really :)

  120. voodoochild.jr

    loads for me but no reduced price and VERY slow in doing so, insightUK is more or less no existent, cant even get on the main site :S @RhysLaval

  121. bobanators

    Dabs site says they are “discontinued”

  122. nike.shah

    @bobanators@ChrisCeejHarpham This product is excluded from the 30 day money back guarantee… so am not sure you will be able to get a refund.

  123. skywaystudios

    @GarethMrmarksLewis@Man_with_a_plan@blibit7 Ok, sorry I was wrong, the risk is approx. £3 for return delivery………………

  124. RhysLaval

    @skywaystudios Do play do a policy if the price drops they refund the difference? I can’t find it on their website.

  125. skywaystudios

    @RhysLaval No, but that’s what the rest of the retailers and HP are advising – if not, you simply return it

  126. voodoochild.jr

    and so much for the pricedrop before lunch time :(


  127. RhysLaval

    @voodoochild.jr I rang again and the guy said just waiting on hp to confirm or something :/

  128. voodoochild.jr

    ooo ok well fingers crossed! @RhysLaval

  129. Even if they reduce the price after you order, are they obliged to refund you the difference? @bobanators @ChrisCeejHarpham

  130. GarethMrmarksLewis

    bt says discontinued now aswell

  131. clarkeymail

    Wow cresecent electronices are out of stock, it was 1329 a sec ago!

  132. techfruit

    @clarkeymail WOW. Thanks for the info!

  133. Kevin_S_Lewis

    From Dabs.com: “Thanks very much for your order received on 23/08/2011 . If the goods you ordered were in stock and available, then your order is now being processed.”

    Not exactly promissing…

  134. clarkeymail

    @techfruit Me thinks someone was telling porky pies or they just didnt bother updating the website!

  135. techfruit

    @clarkeymail I think you might be right… Or the site threw up and error which is always possible under the current pressure. Benefit of the doubt and all that.

  136. GezMazurke

    think the internet would actually explode if apple did this

  137. ChrisCeejHarpham

    Has anyone gotten on to insight yet?

  138. @techfruit

  139. @ChrisCeejHarpham nope, it’s dead

  140. voodoochild.jr



  141. Man_with_a_plan

    @clarkeymail just spoke to them on the phone: confirmed they’re sold out

  142. UPDATE: I called Amazon support. The said they can definitely see
    my order on their system, it is not cancelled. That it’s
    probably a bug of Amazon’s system… And that it will probably show up
    later today!… I keep my fingers crossed

  143. voodoochild.jr

    even play.com is grounding to a halt….easy to see where everyone is flocking too!

  144. @voodoochild.jr I just called my account manager at insight, they have stock but at old price. Might go to £89 later this afternoon but not sure.


  146. @LeeHurst We are sorry but the dabs.com website is currently offline.

    This firesale is breaking almost every site that sells the TouchPad

  147. voodoochild.jr

    aaaand misco is dead from the looks of it….Error 500???

  148. @RhysLaval I called my account manager there and still at higher price, expecting it to drop to £89 later on this afternoon. Let’s hope so

  149. clarkeymail

    Someone has quickly knocked up an error 500 page for Misco. Bet IIS was choppy!

  150. Spoke to play.com. That have no info on a price drop and they will NOT be able to refund the difference if you place an order.

  151. techfruit

    @glykosg It’s worth phoning them to check, but there is no contract until they have confirmed the sale (or even delivered in some cases but I won;t go into that now).

    You never know – they might feel the need to apologise for their mistake in deleting and not contacting you and either get you a TouchPad (doubtful) or give you some form of discount.

  152. techfruit

    @LeeHurst Thanks – updated.

  153. RhysLaval

    Expansys sold out? “We have no confirmed lead time for this item – call for more details.”

  154. GezMazurke

    @clarkeymail Misco must be fuming they can’t sell anything at all for a good hour now

  155. clarkeymail

    Nows the time to buy touchpadsforsale.co.uk and put a load of banner ads on there :-)

  156. MattEdwards

    Misco servers are down, internals staff member says 3pm until price change.

  157. techfruit

    @MattEdwards Thanks Matt!

  158. MattEdwards

    @techfruit Should have been happening at 12:30 but apparently the server system is crashing under the constant visitor page reload requests. Told it’s moving to 3pm but everything is fluid.

    Ordered one at 2am from Dabs at full price, now arguing with them since they won’t let me have it at the lower price.

  159. @MattEdwards I spoke to them too but I got told it will be after 5 pm.

  160. ChrisCeejHarpham

    misco back up, no drop yet

  161. Varemenos

    Did anyone order from Amazon (the preorder one they made yesterday for few hours)?

  162. MattEdwards

    Yep Misco back but same price as before

  163. ChrisCeejHarpham

    Crescent are saying out of stock on both models

  164. techfruit

    @ChrisCeejHarpham They went fast. And at full price?!

  165. ChrisCeejHarpham

    @techfruit looks that way. i want to know who these people are that are buying! There seems to be some army of people buying them but they have internet presence or aren’t on a site like this discussing it, cus none of us are buying them til they’re marked down

  166. @Varemenos I did. No word so far on dates.

  167. clarkeymail

    @ChrisCeejHarpham@techfruit coming soon to an auction site near you!

  168. AlexanderVaksman

    @ChrisCeejHarpham@techfruit It does seem strange, i cant see anybody here who managed to buy anything. I have this feeling there are teams of people sitting there buying in bulk. Has anybody made a successful order , not on back order or anything like this. Online shops running out of stock without the price change online. Is there something we dont know ? Was it better to just call them?

  169. Varemenos

    @pardel i dont mind if it takes its time to ship, im just wondering if it will ship or get cancelled. I didnt order from anywhere else so im kinda insecure :D

  170. stevearscott

    @AlexanderVaksman@ChrisCeejHarpham@techfruit I rang them, they said they were gone in bulk orders

  171. Sunking25

    i bought one at the full price knowing i get get a refund from eithert the seller Argos or HP its self @AlexanderVaksman @ChrisCeejHarpham @techfruit

  172. MattEdwards

    @AlexanderVaksman@ChrisCeejHarpham@techfruit No one is able to buy more than 1 unit in any one transaction. It’s to do with how HP is crediting suppliers.

  173. AlexanderVaksman

    @MattEdwards@ChrisCeejHarpham@techfruit I find it strange that the HP website is still selling them at full price.

  174. techfruit

    @AlexanderVaksman@ChrisCeejHarpham I bought one from Carphone Warehouse yesterday. Got the first confirmation, but like everyone who bought from them am awaiting a second confirmation to be sure.

    CPW have already sent emails to various people saying they missed out.

  175. techfruit

    @AlexanderVaksman@MattEdwards@ChrisCeejHarpham HP isn;t selling them directly from what I can tell. Those are just RRPs.

  176. Did you order after it went out of stock? If so I’d say its extremely doubtful @Varemenos

  177. AlexanderVaksman

    @techfruit@MattEdwards@ChrisCeejHarpham Yup it seems that you are right.

  178. Varemenos

    @tippy100 Amm Amazon suddenly dropped the price to 89 pounds while it was out of stock and made us preorder it.

  179. stevearscott

    Is buying them full price expecting a refund a sure thing to do?

    Seems risky….

  180. Is misco delivering only in UK?

  181. techfruit

    Just called up CPW to check on my order that was confirmed last night (but not accepted yet), and they said they will be processing all those orders today and should email us by the end of the day with an update.

  182. techfruit

    @Techrunner! No idea, but they’re out of stock already!

  183. AlexanderVaksman

    @stevearscott Agreed wouldn’t risk that.

  184. techfruit

    @stevearscott It is a risky option and you need to have the £400 in your account at the start. Some stores may only try to offer store credit instead of a refund as well…

  185. Techrunner!

    No they say they will be selling thier stock shortly, but have it on hold now miitwouk


  186. @ChrisCeejHarpham@techfruit that’s what I was thinking. Where are all these units going?

  187. clarkeymail

    Touchpads removed from Bestbuy

  188. SimonManchester

    phoned up play.com and they apparently have no plans to reduce the price as of yet – probably a standard response though :(

  189. @Techrunner!miitwouk@techfruit They look legit. I’m gonna go for it.

  190. Techrunner!

    @techfruit Accroding to peeps on twitter, emails may be going out tommorow.

  191. pedalhead

    fyi, hp themselves are *not* offering refunds to individuals who buy at full price (I just spoke to them).

  192. pedalhead

    fyi, hp uk are *not* offering refunds to individuals who buy at full price (I just spoke to them).

  193. AlexanderVaksman

    @pedalhead No surprise there, it was advertised as 400 you agreed to it. Therefore there is no reason why they should do it.

  194. MattEdwards

    @alexsc09 Just checked companies house, they’re a dodgy outfit. No registered address, company address or contact number on the site. Be careful!

  195. AlexanderVaksman

    Has anybody spoken to Play.com ? or know what they are planning ? It seems the only website that still runs properly.

  196. techfruit

    @MattEdwards@alexsc09 Not being registered at Companies House is a major worry sign. If you’re desperate to buy fro them then maybe ask them their registered company number to dos some more checking?

  197. cuzzerluz

    @techfruit@MattEdwards I had a look on whoisit and there URL didnt seem to show up either

  198. ChrisCeejHarpham

    @techfruit@MattEdwards@alexsc09 they do accept paypal so you’d safe if something went wrong surely?

  199. @techfruit@MattEdwards Thanks for the warnings. I’d better give it a miss. =[

  200. Techrunner!

    @techfruit@MattEdwards@alexsc09 Oooh! Done some research and they share a phone number (From FAQs) as the website EcoHealthShop.com who are also not registered at Companies House, but give an adress of Elmwood Road, CR0 2SJ Croydon, United Kingdom on thier website. The numbers 0208 133 2897 if any want to call them. How do check an address from a phone number?

  201. techfruit

    @Techrunner!@MattEdwards@alexsc09 Here’s their WHOIS info:


    Domain registered to an individual: Saheeq Sayed

  202. ChrisCeejHarpham

    @techfruit@Techrunner!@MattEdwards@alexsc09 no facebook profile for that name that is actually in use (i would find it strange a company owner sepcialising in apple etc wouldn’t use social networking)

  203. techfruit

    @AlexanderVaksman@pedalhead I’m with you on this. People will be able to get refunds (probably) – but you should only buy something if you agree to it at that price.

  204. cuzzerluz


    Anyone else getting the site is down for maintenance?

  205. pedalhead

    @AlexanderVaksman I agree but I wanted to check with them just in case :-)

  206. @stevearscott The Distance Selling Regulations covers you in the UK so at the very least you are guarenteed a refund, but it is far from a sure way to get a cheap tablet!

  207. techfruit

    @cuzzerluz@ChrisCeejHarpham@techfruit@Techrunner!@MattEdwards@alexsc09 Yeah the site was using BigCommerce to power its store. I would guess that we just pushed them over their allotted bandwidth for the month…

  208. techfruit

    @trbone@stevearscott It might not be an instant refund either. Just in a reasonable amount of time I imagine…

  209. Man_with_a_plan

    Oh well…

    Thank you for your recent on line order. Unfortunately all stock of the HP Touchpad’s have now been exhausted and we will not be receiving any more from the supplier, therefore your order has been cancelled.

    Authorisation has been requested but no monies have transferred from you card.

    May we apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

    Please do not reply to this email. Any queries, please contact doncasterresource@staples.com

    Staples http://www.staples.co.uk

  210. I just spoke to a very helpful employee at Misoc who said that they’re just awaiting a call from HP to confirm that they can get the money back from them and then they’ll sell ’em. Stock count was about 185 of each model.

  211. *or Misco even

  212. Pingback: Primitive Network TechFruit - Primitive Network

  213. clarkeymail

    @techfruit@cuzzerluz@ChrisCeejHarpham@Techrunner!@MattEdwards@alexsc09 That is superb! – If he is legit he’s going to be gutted!

  214. stevearscott

    @blibit7 would they let you reserve one?

  215. techfruit

    @blibit7 thanks for the tip!

  216. @stevearscott@blibit7 nope

  217. No. And he confirmed that it’s only one per person. He wasn’t even allowed to order one himself apparently! @stevearscott

  218. clarkeymail

    Tesco seem to one minute be in stock and then next out of stock! Like Russian Roulette!

  219. Techrunner!

    @Varemenos@tippy100 I did last night- cant remember what time exacly but around half twelve. Hopefully they deliver some!

  220. stevearscott

    Play.com seem to be the only ones left that will be able to handle this….

  221. AlexanderVaksman

    @clarkeymail Tesco still have the Original price on their website. Are they selling it at the discount price ?

  222. stevearscott

    @AlexanderVaksman@clarkeymail I haven’t seen it change all day

  223. craigsmith86

    Just spoke to Tesco and they informed me that they weren’t planning a price drop and were not planning to offer refunds to those of us (which includes me) who bought at full price. Also, they told me that their 14 day no collection/full refund policy would only run for 7 days. Swing and a miss it would seem. Those of us waiting on Tesco have put our money in the wrong basket :-(

  224. ChrisCeejHarpham

    @craigsmith86 That’s disappointing. I work at Tesco so would have had 10 percent off too =[

  225. ChrisCeejHarpham

    Misco down again, must have all the people funnelling into just that site now that we know they are dropping around a specific time and a lot of other websites are pointless to check now

  226. dcisoagnew

    Just spoke to staples on the phone, who said they couldn’t say whether I would get my touchpad or not (I ordered at 9.20am today) supposedly if you ordered after 11am you will not get one. She also said that the site never had any stock, it was a mistake by web team but she still seemed to think it might be possible that i’ll receive my order…. I’m doubtful now

  227. ChrisCeejHarpham

    Just as i said that it’s up again

  228. ArgosChecker

    Had a chat with the manager in Portlethen, Aberdeen. He is waiting on confirmation from Head Office to drop the prices.

    Plenty of stock around at argos using http://www.icheckstock.co.uk

  229. Insight have offered me them but at £109 and £135 (inc vat) for the 16GB and 32GB respectively. Seems they’re putting a cheeky £20 markup on them…can’t blame them but think I’d rather see if anywhere else gets any at £89.

  230. MattEdwards

    @scoopz And their down!

  231. ChrisCeejHarpham

    @scoopz considering how difficult it is to get them right now why didn’t you just go for it? Otehr places were selling them for more than that and they got bought!

  232. techfruit

    @ChrisCeejHarpham@scoopz I just spoke to a rep there and he said they were out of stock on both models…

  233. soulreaper24

    @dcisoagnew I also managed to put an order in at staples just before their web site went down. It seemed they subtracted the money from my account almost immediately, but I haven’t got any confirmation email (the order is showing in my history). Did they say when they’d know more about the situation?

  234. AlexanderVaksman

    Can anybody access the Misco webpage ? it seems that the homepage works sometimes but nothing else.

  235. Duffayyyyy

    @scoopz Did you phone them?

  236. @ChrisCeejHarpham I was offered 10 at £109 or £135 but because I’m buying for 8 friends and two for me/work I didn’t have time to call them all and ask if they still wanted at £109 rather than £89. I’m sure I’ll probably regret it, much like I regretted not buying them in PC World yesterday for full price and getting a refund for the difference today….my girlfriend to blame for that one, she put the handbrake on as it would’ve been £3500 on the credit card even though i’d get a refund the next day

  237. So has anyone here have manage to buy this tablet or is everyone just hitting F5? even when price do some down I couldn’t buy any as both phone lines and website gets slow and down.

  238. ChrisCeejHarpham

    @scoopz ah right, yeah that’s a tough call to make

  239. @Duffayyyyy Going through my work stationery and IT supplier who have tie ins with Insight for electronic goods so not sure if they have different stock levels. For all I know my supplier could be the one putting the £20 on the price but he promised me he wasn’t

  240. david.horn

    @scoopz@ChrisCeejHarpham No ****** wonder no one else can get them when people are taking advantage and buying 10+. Likely story that they’re for “friends”; more likely you’ll be one of those on eBay making a quick buck. :-)

  241. BobbyJohnston

    Has anyone heard anything about Expansys

  242. @david.horn@ChrisCeejHarpham I’ve got much more important things to do that buy cheap HP tablets and flip them for a profit, if you were in my “friend” circle on G+ you could count all the friends I’ve said I’d buy for.

    Granted I bought 4 iPad 2 on launch day, shipped internationally and made a fast £800 profit but there’s nothing like those profit margins on these things so i’m only doing it as a favour to friends

  243. AlexanderVaksman

    @kmria The website is so slow already that i cant imagine how anybody will place the order!

  244. One of HP’s stipulations is that the companies can’t sell more than one per customer@david.horn @scoopz @ChrisCeejHarpham

  245. @blibit7@david.horn@ChrisCeejHarpham well staples restricted them to a max of 5 per order when i tried earlier in the day before it went down

  246. Maybe they’ve changed it as it’s later in the day and it seems that everyone wants one!


  247. AlexanderVaksman

    @scoopz@blibit7@david.horn@ChrisCeejHarpham Considering they going out of this business i cant imagine how they would enforce such a thing.

  248. RhysLaval

    @BobbyJohnston And play since I’ve placed an order but if they’re not going to reduce the price today I might as cancel it.

  249. MattEdwards

    @BobbyJohnston There offering some strange prices, fluctuating by about £100. The page current is selling the 16Gb for £359.

  250. BobbyJohnston

    @MattEdwards Any news on a price drop?

  251. @techfruit

    Wow, this might actually be Amazon’s mobile site bug.

    The order seemed vanished when I viewed my account via iPhone. And it still shows nothing when viewed via mobile…

    I have come back home and the order seems to be in place, now that I view my account via my desktop PC !!

    Weird !! But happy that I still have chances of getting the gadget…

  252. Varemenos

    @kmria “Delivery: Not Yet Dispatched”

  253. play.com removed 32GB from listing :@

  254. ChrisCeejHarpham

    play.com don’t seem to have a buying option for 32gb model anymore, sold out?

  255. dcisoagnew

    @soulreaper24 She said they would know by tomorrow morning. I never got an email either so I didn’t even know my order number. I’m going to call in the morning to see if they know more. Let me know if you hear anything from them.

  256. MattEdwards

    Just been told by my Misco rep that potentially Wednesday is their drop day. Argos is looking like the only sure fire bet for today.

  257. @in50mni4c I wasn’t going direct through Insight I was going through my stationery supplier http://www.officeteam.co.uk/ who use Insight to fulfill some of the item orders and had the rep on the phone needing an instant answer as to whether I wanted them.

  258. BornVisual


    i work at staples and they have all gone in all stores now, also the ones in the warehouse were all sold online this morning. so they wont have anymore, sorry

  259. MattEdwards

    He wasn’t 100% sure but all senior managers have been in a teleconference with their HP rep.

  260. ChrisCeejHarpham

    @MattEdwards I’ve wasted. So much. Time. ;'(

  261. @MattEdwards I just called them 10 mins ago and they said it was suppose to drop prices today but doesn’t look like it’s happening any more. He didn’t say any thing about wed but sounded like Misco is off the list for today atleast :(

  262. MateuszBassa

    @AlexanderVaksman site now work but price is £349 …

  263. MattEdwards

    @ChrisCeejHarpham me too. I ordered one on Dabs at 2am this morning having worked late. They’re telling me I’m locked into the higher pre-drop


  264. dcisoagnew

    @BornVisual Yeah, just got an email from staples confirming this. Bit disappointing that the site appeared to have stock when I ordered. I give up on trying to get one now.

  265. MattEdwards

    @AlexanderVaksman@scoopz@blibit7@david.horn@ChrisCeejHarpham It’s more to do with how HP is crediting suppliers accounts. I’m unsure how they’re enforcing it but bulk discounts don’t get the full difference. So say the Touchpad was £500. Every supplier is getting the £400 shortfall of the discount in some sort of HP supply credit. (Obviously it would be based on their actual supply price not RRP).

    As I had it explained to me, multiple units to the same person would not net the supplier the full credit. Seems like behind the scenes HP is trying to get as many in different peoples hands as possible.

  266. lee.heaver

    @MattEdwards@ChrisCeejHarpham Not true they lie, it does depend on how much you want it though. You can return your item for a full refund but then you wouldn’t have the touchpad but under EU distance selling regulation you have a 7 day cooling off period to return an item bought mail order even if you’ve only changed your mind.

    It doesn’t allow you to demand a price reduction though just because the price has changed.

  267. in50mni4c

    @scoopz Thats strange I just called http://www.officeteam.co.uk/ the rep told me they dont supply HP touchpads direct or via any of their suppliers he then redirected me to the following website http://www.stationerystore.co.uk/ after checking that link it seems he sent me on a wild goose chase, the search continues….

  268. bobanators

    Are we looking at today as i have one reserved in bromsgrove until 5.30pm at the higher price. Would i be able to get it for the lower price today before it closes?? @ArgosChecker

  269. ChrisCeejHarpham

    people have been buying more and selling them, that listing has 2 available and 2 already sold, 100quid profit to the seller per item

  270. MattEdwards

    @bobanators@ArgosChecker I’d keep the booking and see in store, take some print outs of other people’s prices for ammunition.

  271. RhysLaval

    @lee.heaver@MattEdwards@ChrisCeejHarpham Same with play. I asked if the price dropped would they give the difference back which they wouldn’t.

  272. Chamone bilbo

    Does anybody know when the price drop for Argos is?

  273. @ChrisCeejHarpham This is that with HP gone the App market is gone so this tablets are not worth more then £125 for me. It’s either this or none.

  274. bobanators

    It isnt my local store but its only about 15 mins away so i will have to travel there and i dont really want to get there to find out they have not dropped the price or they will not let me have it for the lower price.. What sort of things should i print, just other companies prices or…? @MattEdwards @ArgosChecker

  275. danieltye88

    I want to know when the Pre 3’s are going to be available and from what stores.

  276. ChrisCeejHarpham

    @kmria well there will probably be some form of android takeover thing but it is a risk that it’ll never have updates or anything. I’d buy either model at the drop price for sure but not 180!

  277. MattEdwards

    It’s weird because I’m a life long Apple fan but genuinely was interested in the Touchpad. Having tried Android I really didn’t like it. WebOS just seemed more refined. I think HP has made a terrible mistake personally.

  278. techfruit

    @danieltye88 I’ll try and do another live update like this on the Pre3s when we get some information

  279. @in50mni4c I don’t know why they’d send you to stationerystore, that’s their site just branded differently for smaller businesses to buy little things from without the need to setup an account, run credit checks, etc

    I do have a fairly large annual account with them, everything from toners, pens, desks, print items, vehicle livery is ordered from them and my rep is an old school friend and neighbour so perhaps they were pulling strings for me? I was just relaying the information I was given.

  280. Techrunner!

    Does anyone know how likley those of us who bough the Touchpad from Amazon Amazon for £89 last night, are to get them. Bareing in mind they have no estimate when they are to have any deliveries. Some people on twitter saying Dixons and Staples will have more in stock the end of the week.

  281. @MattEdwards I’ve always wondered, if they get enough units in hands (which they obviously are doing) would they be able to back-peddle and get WebOS to rise from the ashes?

  282. @Varemenos@pardel

    I also ordered from Amazon UK last night when it was (temporarily) out of stock…

  283. Varemenos

    @Techrunner! I want to know the same thing. I’ve sent them an email and waiting an answer. Hopefully we will get one :)

  284. voodoochild.jr

    i think its safe to update the insight site to sold out

  285. MattEdwards

    @BobbyJohnston Nope not as yet…

  286. MattEdwards

    @Sunking25 See this seems a risky strategy. I did the same with Dabs and now have a major fight on my hands to get them to price match.

  287. MattEdwards

    Some strange page changes taking places on Misco…

  288. ChrisCeejHarpham

    @MattEdwards not loading v quickly, what do you mean?

  289. in50mni4c

    @scoopz I’m not too sure, must be because you have a buisness account they tried sort you out, wasn’t hating on what you said or anything sorry if it came across that way

  290. voodoochild.jr

    any idea on if or when prepaymania would be dropping hte prices?

  291. I emailed them this morning, they said they would not be reducing the price @voodoochild.jr

  292. voodoochild.jr

    i shall be closing that window promptly then! @tippy100

  293. MattEdwards

    @ChrisCeejHarpham Well there was a No stock icon appear, yet it’s been In Stock all day. Just wondered if they we’re prepping the page ready for a change.

  294. @in50mni4c Don’t worry about it :-) When trying to phone PCWB, Insight, Misco and Dabs i found it does help to have DDI numbers to your business account reps who tend to be more helpful than the generic consumer reps at CPW, Currys, etc willing to go the extra mile to ensure repeat business (and commission for themselves).

  295. popeofmick

    Anyone have any idea if amazon uk will be able to honour the orders made last night mine still say no delivery date im not holding much hope tbh

  296. bobanators

    Supposedly today… I have one reserved from argos until the end of today and would like to know the price has dropped before leaving to go there.. :/ @Chamone bilbo

  297. wonder why polay.com removed that 32GB version?? did they manage to sell all with higher price? can’t be right! they only got 16GB version now. Wonder if the price did drop and we missed it. Better keep eye on this 16GB one ;)

  298. bobanators

    Play.com are not even showing the 32gb at all.. just the 16gb for £350…

  299. AlexanderVaksman

    @kmria They never dropped it been keeping my eye on it the whole day. I have a feeling they sold them off via other channels.

  300. techfruit

    @alitech Ummm… where? Or is this a little bit of spam?

  301. Maybe slightly. I do work for them and they are about to do a blog post.

  302. @AlexanderVaksman Oh well, i think i am going to stop refreshing page and get other stuff done. Good luck guys do let us know if you get order :)

  303. @techfruit ok, maybe a little. I work for them and they are just about to do a blog post.

  304. AlexanderVaksman

    @alitech@techfruit ROFL this was lame.

  305. We have been on the phone with 9 retailers over lunch.

  306. in50mni4c

    I may be able to explain why play/argos seem to be selling out even though they have not yet officially announced price drops, rumor has it if you buy one at full price then HP will refund the difference once the price drops (could well be true as the same thing did happen in US) my friend bought one from argos.com for this reason however he is going to keep it sealed in-case HP doesn’t pull through as argos have a 7day return policy, could anyone shed some light onto this rumor?

  307. danieltye88

    @alitech at the moment you’ve only got play.com’s £349 “Bargin!”…

  308. voodoochild.jr

    16gb version has disppeared from play also

  309. sherazashabir

    @danieltye88@alitech actually also 250 for amazons…

  310. sherazashabir

    @in50mni4c genius…i should mention…hundreds of people already mentioned this… many below ur comments ; )

  311. techfruit

    @voodoochild.jr that’s still there as far as I can see

  312. in50mni4c

    @sherazashabir my bad, didn’t see it mentioned, however I was only trying to get confirmation on the matter not a smart arsed comment lol

  313. GarethMrmarksLewis

    @techfruit@voodoochild.jr gone for me too

  314. sherazashabir

    @techfruit@voodoochild.jr gone, buy now option dissapeared voodos right

  315. @AlexanderVaksman now even 16GB is gone

  316. voodoochild.jr

    and my xbox has just died :( @sherazashabir @techfruit

  317. sherazashabir

    u make me rofl

  318. Misco just tweeted they’ve sold out?? WTF?? :-(

  319. BobbyJohnston

    @sherazashabir@techfruit@voodoochild.jr the 32gd version aint there either.

  320. sherazashabir

    @BobbyJohnston@techfruit@voodoochild.jr first the riots, then hp moves outta pc business, and now misco has sold out…its all over..

  321. richie.lucas

    They want thier website back obviously.

  322. richie.lucas

    They want the website back up obviously. Losing business for them now

  323. I can’t believe that us lot who have been looking at these websites ALL DAY trying to get a touchpad are being beaten to the post. Anyone got one from Misco in the last two hours for the reduced price????

  324. in50mni4c

    @sherazashabir I’m glad you found my comment so amusing, rolling around on the floor however seems to make me think you may have issues, you should possibility visit a dietitian if you keep rolling for too long or maybe a psychiatrist….

  325. martinchopkins

    nahh looks like it was taken in bulk orders and most probably in house. the website was down pretty much all day. then suddenly it dissappears? think someones making some quick quid on ebay.@blibit7

  326. ChrisCeejHarpham

    @blibit7 Sucks. I know we knew the risks but we did battle on for hours and then I’ve seen some on eBay already. Inside jobs or what

  327. KevinWaiHongLee

    How much was it sold for at Miscos?

  328. mongbatstar

    @KevinWaiHongLee It never dropped below £349.00

  329. Varemenos

    How did expansys sold out? when did they lower the prices?

  330. Pingback: HP Pre 3 Firesale (£49 For 1.4GHz WebOS Smartphone) | TechFruit

  331. primitive

    @Varemenos They sold out at full price

  332. skywaystudios

    Ok so I placed an order @ play.com first thing this morning, it’s been processing all day and now it’s “awaiting stock” still priced at £349

  333. I got mine from Argos earlier at full price. If they won’t lower the price for me then I’ll just send it back. I figure if enough people do the same then we can make it more of a pain in the ass for them to just make them cheaper then to deal with the sheer number of returns!

  334. AlexanderVaksman

    I think we should boycot Ebay dont buy any newly listed HP Touchpads , its a joke. All of them around 300 pounds, why would anybody pay that much for a device that isn’t supported anymore, the app store is going to be closed, there is no guarantee that there will be a good android port, if we lucky we will get a half done job, a buggy version with most of the pads features not working. This is stupid… I honestly hope that all these people who bought them in bulk to sell on Ebay will be stuck with them..

  335. reckon I might try the same, what’ve you got to lose? as long as you return within 7-days, what’s the risk? nill that I can see?

  336. monkeymerv

    @smdg77 unfortunately Argos is now sold out on both models !!

  337. monkeymerv

    @AlexanderVaksman Totally agree… think I might bid £1000 on all touchpads on ebay…………. then leave the country :)

  338. AlexanderVaksman

    @monkeymerv If you really feel evil ;) there is an easier way, just register a new email, and buy them all out LOL Make them re list none stop :D

  339. bugger, so they are! weren’t 5 minutes ago… ah well, that was a complete waste of a day wasn’t it!! :-(

  340. PhillipO'Bern

    Lol – nice of Misco to try sweeping up their sham with a new tweet flogging a media player rather than responding to the growing number of complaints – guys on twitter not letting it slide though!

  341. PhillipO'Bern

    It now appears Misco is silencing the dissenters by removing their posts on their latest tweet – 6 messages before 0 now

  342. bobanators

    my argos closes in 40 mins.. think i may just buy it and then take it back when they change the prices.. cant see what there is to loose… @trbone

  343. chandlerweb

    @bobanators@trbone Make sure you get agreement from the manager that they will refund if unopened!

  344. chandlerweb

    @bobanators@trbone …as i belive it is exempt from their money back guarantee

  345. bobanators

    ah. ok :) @chandlerweb @trbone

  346. chandlerweb

    @bobanators@trbone When I went to pick mine up, they told me it was exempt. I explained what I wanted to do and the manager was happy that I returned it if unopened and wrote a note on the top of my receipt.

  347. Sunking25

    thats what i did yesterday, we got 14 days to see if the price comes down and to enquire about it @trbone

  348. monkeymerv

    Expansys have tweeted they are sourcing further stock:

    “To everyone asking about HP TouchPad; thanks for query, we’re sourcing more stock, page will update w/price soon as we know what’s possible!”

  349. PhillipO'Bern


    Its crazy just how many new listings have appeared – all attempting to make a few quid as i’ve not seen any for less than £200

  350. MattEdwards

    Right, I’ve just had a call from Tammy at Dabs. I ordered a Touchpad 32Gb for my son at 2am for full price. They initially told me it was tough luck but after me moaning a bit, they said they’d speak with HP and come back to me. It was not looking good, but I just got a call out of the blue and they’re honouring the price drop. She was also lovely, explaining that DABS only had about 500 in total. By 9:08am this morning they’d sold out and that people were averaging 80 calls every 30 minutes dealing with Touchpad enquiries.

  351. monkeymerv

    @PhillipO’Bern looks like Misco have been selling there Touchpads on Ebay.. could explain why they suddenly sold out without any price reduction….

    Naughty naughty Misco, some angry followers on tweeter:


  352. bobanators

    I think its too far away for me to get there in time as its not my most local of store i could attempt to make it but i doubt i could.. @chandlerweb @trbone

  353. alfrednerstu

    @in50mni4c I talked to HP and they will not refund touchpads bought from other stores than their own!

  354. PhillipO'Bern

    @monkeymerv Yeah – caught with their pants down – funnily enough i had not long retweeted the same post! Shockingly bad – We have an account manager with Misco’s and even he wasn’t able to get me hooked up :(

  355. @chandlerweb@bobanators It isn’t exempt. All exempt items are marked with a cross online and in the catalogue. Also even if it wasn exempt it would still be covered by the distance selling directive which gives 7 days after it is delivered for you to change your mind. This only applies if you buy it online though.

  356. KevinWaiHongLee

    Anyone know where Miitwo’s Touchpad have gone? All sold during “Maintenance”?

  357. chandlerweb

    @trbone@bobanators I went instore and was told at the kiosk it was exempt. I did check online beforehand and there wasnt a cross marked against it so I dont know why it was exempt when purchased instore.

  358. techfruit

    @KevinWaiHongLee I don’t think that site was legit. I’m not sure, but as they were not a registered business it set off quite a few alarm bells

  359. chandlerweb

    @alfrednerstu@in50mni4c Do they have any of their own? I can only see resellers online, not an actual HP shop?

  360. techfruit

    @MattEdwards Good to hear a positive story, and especially one where the customer service reps are being awesome. Congrats on the TouchPad

  361. ShleahEdwards-Clarke

    @KevinWaiHongLee It is a apple site

  362. bobanators

    Rang them up and they have extended my reservation til saturday.. so now i wait to see if they lower the price, if they dont, i will not bother.. @chandlerweb @trbone

  363. alfrednerstu

    @chandlerweb HP has sold out of Touchpads (I managed to buy a pre3 from them though!)

  364. ShleahEdwards-Clarke

    Just got one from Staples (I think). I rang them up just now…

  365. techfruit

    @ShleahEdwards-Clarke Really?

  366. GavinVidal

    What staples? @ShleahEdwards-Clarke

  367. voodoochild.jr

    hand on heart i’m giving up the ghost guys and gals, its been fun whilst it lasted but i dont think its going to happen, even the sites that have it at full price are mroe or less inaccessible at the moment, and companies like misco screwing people over its time to call it a day

  368. SandyRass

    @techfruit@ShleahEdwards-Clarke i just got one from staples too this second… 32gb only tho

  369. BlueEyedSoulMan

    Prepaymania selling HP TouchPad 32GB WiFi Tablet PC 9.7 Inch Black on Ebay for £479.99 on a ‘private’ listing …

  370. SandyRass

    @voodoochild.jr have you phoned Staples? they have a new 32gb order due to arrive and are still taking phone purchases

  371. BlueEyedSoulMan

    prepaymania also selling the 16GB for £407.57 and have “more than 10”

  372. bobanators

    just your local staples? @SandyRass @techfruit @ShleahEdwards-Clarke

  373. SandyRass

    @bobanators@techfruit@ShleahEdwards-Clarke No – phone them! theyre delivering on friday

  374. bobanators

    just ring my local staples then? @SandyRass

  375. diem1000000

    I’m on hold on their 0844 546 6666 number. Is this the one you phoned. Don’t wanna be on hold on the wrong line! @SandyRass

  376. christopher.a.hackett

    @SandyRass@bobanators@techfruit@ShleahEdwards-Clarke I’ve rang and they seem to think its sold out. You have any idea how they put your order in?

  377. ShleahEdwards-Clarke

    @christopher.a.hackett@SandyRass@bobanators@techfruit Customer Services for Staples.co.uk

  378. ShleahEdwards-Clarke

    @diem1000000@SandyRass Think it is the 7777 number

  379. BlueEyedSoulMan

    That should read £407.57!

  380. KevinWaiHongLee

    @SandyRass@techfruit@ShleahEdwards-Clarke How much did you pay for? (Including delivery)

  381. martinchopkins

    @KevinWaiHongLee it was a publicity stunt!

  382. diem1000000

    On hold now. I would love to get this. Do you know who you spoke to so I can ask for the same person? It might save explaining to another rep what I’m looking for. @ShleahEdwards-Clarke @SandyRass

  383. BlueEyedSoulMan

    Update on Amazon orders awaiting delivery estimate. “Last night, they had a small stock which some few people managed to receive. The people with “no delivery estimate” have NO stock allocated to their order. We have merely preordered the product for when it becomes available next. She also confirmed however, that Amazon are in communication with HP and their suppliers to receive more stock. “If or when new stock becomes available, customers who ordered the item last night but are showing “no delivery estimate” are first priority.” The next shipment of items will be reserved for those people like ourselves if they can get stock at all.”

  384. diem1000000

    No luck. Sold all of the allocated units they are getting on Friday :( @ShleahEdwards-Clarke @SandyRass

  385. SandyRass

    @diem1000000 thats the one i called.

  386. craigsmith86

    Tesco’s Twitter feed filled with people asking for price-drop / price matches. Their answer is a unanimous no. It seems that price on invoice will be the price on collection/delivery. I wonder what they plan to do with all that returned stock. I’m sure it doesn’t take a genius to realise that these tablets are now only worth as much as people have already paid for them eg, 100 quid.Can anyone shed some light on the retailers end-game for this price-war? For instance, what are the retailers who won’t price match and are sold out (argos, tesco etc) likely to do with all that stock?

  387. AdamTucker

    Ive just spoken to Staples and they are out of stock and cant confirm when they are getting more

  388. antstephenson

    @AdamTucker yep, same happened to me….. the bloke at Staples sounded thoroughly cheesed off, like he’s been asked the same question a thousand times :)

    this is all nonsense – I’ve been trying to get hold of one of these tablets (at the reduced price) for 24 hours and they seem to be about as rare as unicorn poo.

    i’m starting to think the rioters had the right idea – break into Currys Digital and nick an iPad…… only joking officer :-)

  389. GarethMrmarksLewis


    i asked if they knew when/ if the price would be coming down :

    HI there, Thank you for your email. We appreciate you bringing this matter into our attention. Please be advised that HP touchpad prices shown on our website are correct at this time. However, if there are any changes then we will update our website as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us again via the helpdesk section on our website if you have any further questions: http://www.play.com/helpdesk Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you and thank you for your patience and valued custom. Kind Regards, Customer Support Team Play.com

  390. GarethMrmarksLewis

    whole loada nothing…

  391. Ashley'aj'Jones

    I had 5 (for personal use) in baskets (Staples and BT) all got booted out. Fuming!

  392. in50mni4c

    @Ashley’aj’Jones Pahahaha

  393. antstephenson

    ok, that’s it, i’m officially giving up.


  394. @antstephenson ha! I can’t believe i completely missed this.. :(

  395. Farehamlad

    Argos have sold out at full price so why would they even consider lowering the price, THEY HAVE NO STOCK LEFT TO SELL!!!!! All those who bought hoping for rebate had better get your return postage labels ready!

  396. siavakhshsy

    I think what has happened is that many companies sold the stock internally to their other corporate arms (private resellers on ebay et al…). In the process they claim refunds from HP as they have officially sold off the stock they had. On the side they try selling it at a higher price, say £150 to £200. This way they can make more money. Probably only companies like BT or Amazon refrained from doing this. It is also possible that many bought it at face value hoping that they can claim it back. I doubt it. Hence the shortage of stocks.

    Anyways, I hope you manage to get one if you want one!

  397. Sunking25

    maybe a complaint to HP might work stating iv’e just bought your touchpad at £450 and now your selling them at reduced rates? rather than persuing Argos. i’m gonna try it anyway as i’ve bought one last night for the full price off Argos (online) @Farehamlad

  398. Farehamlad

    @Sunking25 Good luck hope it works.

  399. martinchopkins

    by uk consumer law, if theres a price change they have to change it within 30 days. Well thats what ive just been told.

  400. martinchopkins

    refund the differece sorry.

  401. christopher.a.hackett

    @martinchopkins No such law I’m afraid

  402. @Ashley’aj’Jones 5 of them for personal use? are you sure!!

  403. martinchopkins

    oh okay, thanks for the heads up:) @christopher.a.hackett

  404. Prepaymania are out of both! Please update.

  405. Ashley'aj'Jones

    @kmria @Ashley’aj’Jones yup- me, missis, mom and the other two got added by accident!

  406. techfruit

    @wollac11 Thanks for the info – post updated.

    That’s pretty much everyone out of stock then folks…

  407. i had one reserved at currys in st albans for pickup today only to be told that they never had any tablet in the store. it actually showed online while i was reserving it that they had one unit left and i got an email comfirming my reservation with the resevtn no.Personally , i think that there are some shady deals going on here . i called currys customers service to get an answer but they offered just a £5 gift voucher. the cost of my call alone was £10 not to talk of the drive from luton to st albans. i simply do not have any regards for this companies. the fact that you cannot actually purchase this products online in real time and have it delivered as normal simply points i think to some shgady practice. i do believe that the staffs of this stores are having a field day. but am not mad anymore. the tablet will be a piece of additional clutter in a couple of months. And for those selling it on ebay, i will rather buy a used ipad than pay for that level of exploitation

  408. BlueEyedSoulMan

    Argos web site now showing 16 and 32 GIG Touchpads at discounted price. Out of stock everywhere but may indicate expecting to get more ….??

  409. chandlerweb

    @BlueEyedSoulMan More likely just confirmation that those who reserved stock will get them at the reduced price. Not sure what the situation is with those that purchased online or instore when it was at full price though?

  410. matt.j.storey

    from stuff-uk.net:

    Dear Customer, We have received updated information from HP and their UK distributors about the Touchpad range. It seems that the remaining UK stocks will be sold via High Street retailers and a very limited few products going to etailers. (Such small amounts that they may well have already been sold).

    We also believe that the previous ultra low prices may not materialise, although we suspect there will still be some discount from the previous RRP. Those that do have products will fix their own sell price. In short, it will be highly unlikely to see the £89 / £99 price point everyone was talking about over the last few days.

    We are extremely disappointed that we did not receive any further allocation. Rumour has it that it may be worth contacting Argos or PC World for this product.

    Thank you for your interest in Stuff-uk.net.

    Jim Gordon


  411. craigsmith86

    @matt.j.storey Interesting. Got my brother (works for Argos) checking this out now

  412. matt.j.storey

    @craigsmith86 keep us posted!

  413. techfruit

    The stock HP had left aside to sell to their own employees (at a slightly bigger discount) all went in a matter of minutes too. I don’t think HP has ever been so popular…

  414. Can confirm the above. Never seen the office so intense. I was one of the lucky ones who had my order acknowledged, just have to await the official acceptance mail. Pay-off for 2 days of searching.An unofficial rumour but within HP suggests there are some outlets who will return all their stock to HP and that there is further stock due in the supply chain.@techfruit

  415. @BlueEyedSoulMan When was this? The web site is still showing the full price as far as I can see…

  416. After numerous calls to Misco yesterday in which they kept advising me to call back as the “price drop” was imminent i eventally built up a rapport with one agent who at 5pm after trying all day advised me that they were told by management to tell callers that they were “sold out” although the agent advised me that they actually still had all their stock. Same agent told me to call back at 0830 and he would try and sort something out for me. Called back this morning and was told by the same agent that they were sent an updated memo by management that all stock had now been sold and he couldn’t do anything for me!!

    Of all the thousands of calls they had yesterday i don’t think any were sold to the general public !!

  417. BlueEyedSoulMan

    @trbone @BlueEyedSoulMan about 9 am today. Click to reserve or order and the new price shows. Also says non available though!

  418. ChrisCeejHarpham

    I can see Crescent selling touchpads for 300quid on amazon. the fucking bastards…

  419. bobanators

    Got one reserved at argos… better go pick it up now the price has dropped..

  420. craigsmith86

    Just to let everyone know Argos are currently CANCELLING all reservations that are made today. If you have a reservation from before the price drop you SHOULD be ok. However it seems that they are offering only 1st come 1st served from now on

  421. chandlerweb

    @craigsmith86 I picked mine up yesterday at full price and today they gave me a £260 refund taking it down to £89.

  422. craigsmith86

    @chandlerweb If you have an outstanding reservation you will be fine. Only people who are reserving today are being knocked back. I spoke to the manager of my local Argos and she told me that they were instructed to cancel all reservations today and allow walk-in customers. Not even staff are allowed apparently

  423. BlueEyedSoulMan


    So no way of knowing if they have them in stock – have to turn up and hope for the best?

  424. craigsmith86

    @BlueEyedSoulMan thats the top and bottom of it. I had it on good advice that there was one available locally (a guy I know in store let me know) it was ‘reserved’ for only 20 mins before it was cancelled, when I got there the manager told me that it was already sold. Also though, she did tell me that there are 5 available for home delivery in the NWest but the system wouldn’t let her allocate one to me. Either a fault in the dispatch system or foul play. That was at like midday so very little chance that’s still the case now. Good luck

  425. Amazon UK has canceled my order… :(

    We are writing to let you know that we have cancelled the following item from your order:

    Asin: B0054689MQ

    Title: HP TouchPad 9.7 inch Tablet PC (16GB, Glossy Black) – UK Version

    Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer this item for sale. Our supplier has informed us that this item has been discontinued and is no longer available.

  426. BlueEyedSoulMan

    @craigsmith86 Cheers mate! Same story at my local Argos, Perry Barr, Bham.

  427. BlueEyedSoulMan

    @Ioannis Mine too – what a swizz!

  428. @shaky1 I managed to somehow order one online at Misco yesterday at full price and was hoping that they would drop the price before shipping it out. It got delivered today and I called back immediately to ask them what they charged, they chard full price the bastards that they are and told me that the order was sent in error, it should not have been sent out because they had no stock. No stock my ass, it was delivered this morning. They are not honouring the price drop however and I am planning to return the unopened box to them. Right bastards i tell ya.

  429. I am one of them. In the sale frenzy, I was trying to get my hands on this touchpad thingymajig from anywhere possible. Searched all the stock alert sites and news to see who had stock left and who was slashing prices. Any website that did, stock depleted fast so it was a lost cause every single time. I know there is another thread with people still trying to find stock. All the best guys.. So this thread is for people who purchased this in full price in the hope that prices will be reduced once the items are shipped. Well I went ahead and bought one from Misco today for full price when I saw some stock. I had my fingers crossed and hoped for some good news, well the good news is that Misco have shipped out my order, the bad news, they charged full price. I paid £430 for the 32GB version. For a single order, I have received about 10 emails from Misco about the different stages of the order with a final email with the invoice. So my question really is, how do I get the refund from Misco. They are not taking any calls / no one picking up. Should I go direct to HP? Whats the process, anyone have any leads on this? I am sure other people have done the same from various sites, some of they might have even gotten lucky with the price drop. One thing is for sure, Misco stock was quickly depleted and they never dropped the price, so I am sure there are other buyers search for the same answers.

  430. Just got off the phone with Misco and apparently they are surprised this order actually went through because they didnt have any stock. It was delivered a couple of hours ago DUH.. no stock my ass. Anyways, they say they wont be able to refund any money as they have not got authorisation from HP about the price reduction and they are only allowed to sell it at full price. I asked about if HP did announcement later on about the price reduction, they said they would still charge full price im like whaaaaaaaa? Anyways, I have a few more days to hold on to this to see if HP will reimburse me themselves. What a pullaver. They were eager to get this unit back to them though and wanted me to confirm if I was ok to return it so they can issue a refund. Im like.. hmmm if I let this one go that there is no telling if I am going to get one in the end so hanging on to it for a couple of more days.

  431. Spoke to HP as well.. but got through to their online order department who are only responsible for their own orders and cannot advise about any other retailers. They told me to take it up with the company I bought this from so it seems like this is going to be a dead end, unless I can find the right person in HP to speak to about this.

  432. HP has posted an update to its blog promising that further bargain HP TouchPad stock will make its way to the market soon.

    After the company announced that it would be stopping production of its WebOS hardware, the HP TouchPad price slash (£90 for the 16GB version and £115 for the 32GB model) has seen tablet fans go into a veritable frenzy.

    Mark Budgell posted on the HP blog, “We had a great response to the new price and are now temporarily out of stock on hp.com and at many local retailers. We will have more available shortly.”

    He also gives a web address to keep an eagle eye on for availability updates, with the promise of a notification email coming soon.

    Frankly crazy

    Dixons Retail Group sold out in what seemed to be a matter of seconds (although it wouldn’t tell us exactly how fast or how many tablets it shifted), with scores of you telling us on Twitter that you were gutted to miss out.

    Dixons Retail’s head of media relations, Mark Webb, told TechRadar, “This is a good product at a great price. Demand has been phenomenal and at times it has been frankly crazy.

    “We’re sorry this has left a number of customers frustrated, but as you can see from your twitter feed and other social media, everybody wants one…”

    A number of other online retailers have since followed suit, with bargain TouchPads currently as in demand as the unreleased iPad 3.

    The best advice we can give you is to get yourself over to HP’s holding page, have your credit card at the ready and hope against hope.

  433. @blibit7 I got screwed over by them. I bought one for full price in the hope they will reduce the price from their twitter posts but they charged full price. Now I am going to return it to them

  434. HP has posted an update to its blog promising that further bargain HP TouchPad stock will make its way to the market soon.

    After the company announced that it would be stopping production of its WebOS hardware, the HP TouchPad price slash (£90 for the 16GB version and £115 for the 32GB model) has seen tablet fans go into a veritable frenzy.

    Mark Budgell posted on the HP blog, “We had a great response to the new price and are now temporarily out of stock on hp.com and at many local retailers. We will have more available shortly.”

    He also gives a web address to keep an eagle eye on for availability updates, with the promise of a notification email coming soon.

    Frankly crazy

    Dixons Retail Group sold out in what seemed to be a matter of seconds (although it wouldn’t tell us exactly how fast or how many tablets it shifted), with scores of you telling us on Twitter that you were gutted to miss out.

    Dixons Retail’s head of media relations, Mark Webb, told TechRadar, “This is a good product at a great price. Demand has been phenomenal and at times it has been frankly crazy.

    “We’re sorry this has left a number of customers frustrated, but as you can see from your twitter feed and other social media, everybody wants one…”

    A number of other online retailers have since followed suit, with bargain TouchPads currently as in demand as the unreleased iPad 3.

    The best advice we can give you is to get yourself over to HP’s holding page, have your credit card at the ready and hope against hope.

  435. chandlerweb

    Has there been any news on the people who ordered from Staples by phone towards the end of the day yesterday when they started taking phone orders again on the belief they would be getting extra stock?

  436. SandyRass

    @chandlerweb Yes, mine arrived today from phoning up Staples for extra stock. 32Gb

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  438. techfruit

    It looks like HP will be manufacturing some more TouchPads to meet demand according to their own blogpost – great news! No word yet on the price of these though, as HP was taking an estimate $250 bath on each one sold during the firesale…

    More info in the post above.

  439. chandlerweb


    Reportedly none coming to UK though – http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/08/31/touchpad_us_only/

  440. @chandlerweb Thanks for the heads-up. Post updated.

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  442. chandlerweb

    32GB TouchPad now available from PC World in a bundle with case and wireless charger for £249.99 http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/hewletpack-touchpad-32gb-tablet-pc-touchpad-case-wireless-charging-dock-11342081-pdt.html

  443. seriously.wicked

    Hmmn!! Not worth 249.99. I’m afraid!. Even £169 on their own would have been better.

  444. @seriously.wicked I’m with you here – not sure the dock would ever be worth it.

    £200 with the case would have been an interesting price point.

    Thought it was worth letting people know though as it is still a well specced tablet for the price.

  445. chandlerweb

    @techfruit @seriously.wicked cyanogenmod are very close to releasing android 2.3.5 for touchpad so would be a wil priced android tablet if you could offload the accessories.

  446. @chandlerweb@seriously.wicked I don’t think I’ll be installing Gingerbread on my TouchPad, but I’ll certainly have a play with 3.0+ if/when cyanogenmod get that working.

    I’m very happy with mine so far actually – I wouldn’t have paid over £100 at the time, but I already use it a lot and it would probably be worth something more like £250 to me. I’m still looking for a good deal on an official case though if anyone has come across them for around £25?

  447. PhillipO'Bern

    Nice, less than what i paid for mine plus the case :(

    Im guessing PCWorld employees are having a laugh with the Touchpad 32Gb page – look a the bargain price! http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/touchpad-tablet-pc-32gb-10834969-pdt.html

  448. seriously.wicked

    Hi @techfruit Do you read a lot on touch pad. If you do you get dry eyes or glare?

  449. @PhillipO’Bern haha yeah I saw that. I’d love it if people started buying them at that price with all the hype.

  450. @seriously.wicked I read magazine length articles a fair bit and no I haven’t had much trouble with dry eyes. I wouldn’t like to read a book on a backlit screen though…

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