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HP TouchPad


With HP moving away from the laptop and consumer electronics business – they are currently having a firesale on their HP TouchPads. So far the sale has crashed some of the UK’s biggest online stores, but if you keep trying you should be able to snap one up as the stores drop their prices one by one.

Even though these are end of line tablets, £89 for a tablet with the spec of a TouchPad is worth investing in as whilst WebOS is a great OS (and may be snapped up by other manufacturers like Lenovo, or HTC), you can be sure that Android is going to be ported to the device pretty soon (hello TouchDroid). You’ll also get free lifetime storage from Box.net (normally $20/month) for which you’ll make back your purchase price in under a year.

You can pick up the 16GB TouchPad for £89 and the 32GB TouchPad for £115 at the following stores (more to come as we get them – if you know of somewhere we missed – let us know in the comments):


UPDATE 16:45 09/09
You can buy a 32GB HP TouchPad right now with an official case (normally £40) and wireless charging dock (normally £50) for £249 from PC World

This deal prices the 32GB TouchPad at £169 – not as cheap as before, but still a bargain!
(Please do be aware that HP’s offer to refund customers the difference between their purchase price and the firesale price currently only applies to WebOS accounts registered before 23rd August, and does not apply to package deals)

You can also apparently pre-order the 64GB HP TouchPad through an Amazon reseller for £362.88 before its 15th September release date.

UPDATE 13:00 on 01/09 >> The next batch of TouchPads that we referred to before are apparently not bound for UK shores according to a statement gained from HP by Mobot. But with the way HP seems to be about-turning every couple of days with these things, it still may be possible…


// UPDATE 20:00 on 30/08 >> It appears that HP will be manufacturing a limited run of TouchPads within the next few weeks (before the end of October) to meet demand. Whether this is to fulfil pre-orders placed at places such as Amazon is unknown, as is where these will be stocked – but rest assured I’ll be keeping this post updated as and when we get new information.

// Update 20:40 on 23/08 >> It appears the sale is over folks. All stores out of stock.

Amazon, Argos, BestBuy, BHS Direct, BUY.com, Carphone Warehouse, Comet, Crescent Electronics, Currys, DABS, Dixons, Ebuyer, Expansys, Insight UK, John Lewis, LaptopsDirect, Laskys, Lambda-tek, Misco, Pixmania, Play.com, PrePayMania, Staples, TechDepot, Tesco Direct are all OUT OF STOCK.

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