Find Out When The Next London Bus Will Arrive With TfL Countdown Beta

London Bus Countdown from TfLOne of the main reasons I always prefer taking trains, tubes, and trams over buses is that you can be pretty certain when they will actually turn up – I’ve spent far too many hours at bus stops waiting for a bus that never comes. But those days of waiting may be coming to an end, at least in London, as Transport for London (TfL) have released a beta of their Bus Countdown web service.

The service hasn’t been publicly announced yet, but all seems to work pretty well from my own use. It allows people to find when the next bus will be arriving on their route at the stop they are waiting at – something they can find through searching for their street, postcode, bus route number or bus stop code – and then lets you save a number as your favourites for easy access.

something that the London public have been in need of since the bus was invented and something that will make those late night bus trips home all the more bearable – even if you’ll still have to ignore the drunks on the back seat.

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