Android TouchPad Gets Bluetooth

HP TouchPad Android

The porting of Android to the HP TouchPad is continuing apace, with the CyanogenMod team having now got Bluetooth working on the tablet device.With it enabled, TouchPad owners will be able to make use of third party Bluetooth keyboards or possibly even headsets for some Skype calling action.

In a post on the RootzWiki Forum, DarkRedFlame has noted that the CyanogenMod Android build for the TouchPad is about two thirds complete. The team are still working on CPU/GPU Acceleration and video drivers, the compass, and the gyroscope

CyanogenMod – Currently 60% – 70% done to a working port (Doesn’t mean final)

What currently works:
COMPLETE Booting into Android
COMPLETE ADB commands via ADB
COMPLETE Power, back/home and volume button layout
COMPLETE Bluetooth (Fixed 9/24)
COMPLETE Accelerometer
COMPLETE Vibration (Fixed 9/26)
COMPLETE LED (Confirmed in IRC)
COMPLETE Backlight (Confirmed in IRC)
COMPLETE Fake SD card Mount (Fixed 9/26)
COMPLETE (With Minor Bugs!) Touchscreen support (Multi-touch, 10 fingers)
90% Complete Wifi (Still needs to be fixed for reconnecting to wifi, needs to be verified)
Partially CPU/GPU Acceleration (Both cores are enabled) (Video drivers need to be worked on)
Partially Compass (Bugs need to be worked out)

What does not currently work:

Whats currently being worked on:
Fast Switch Boot (Going from webos to android, and vice versa)
Light Sensor (Works in kernel, needs an interface written for android)
Power Management (Needs to be adapted to a supported android interface, having trouble with sleep)
Camera (Has video feedback VIA overlay, can’t capture to disk) (Work started 9/23)

CPU stays on max frequency
Sleep Issues for Wifi and Magnetometer
No root access
Airplane mode stays on once turned on, happens because the touchpad doesn’t have a real radio interface layer.
Touchstone works and charges, but no event is raised to show you it’s charging
Plugging in headphones does not mute external speakers
Touchscreen has issues with pinch gestures
Touchscreen stays on at all times, even when screen is turned off

You can follow the development of the CyanogenMod Android port for TouchPads at Google Code.

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