Android Apps Coming To iOS, WP7, WebOS And More Via Alien Dalvik 2.0

Alien Dalvik 2.0 by Myriad GroupApps have brought a world of variation and tools into our collective pockets – but each platform has its own ecosystem, meaning Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, and BlackBerry apps are al stuck to just devices running their OS. There are times when a new app gets released on Android that iPhone users might love, and vice-versa – but the Myriad Group are attempting to address at least part of the problem with Alien Dalvik 2.0.

Alien Dalvik, which will be demonstrated for the first time at the CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2011 event next week, allows Android apps to run on non-Android devices (a little like how RIM is going to offer Android app support on the BlackBerry PlayBook). So this means not only could you get your favourite Android-only game running on your iPhone or iPad, but also on a TV or other device. It might even be able to get Android apps running natively on HP TouchPads running WebOS. Clever.

We are all waiting for when HTML5 finally takes over and there is no longer the need for the various app ecosystems – everything will run in the browser – but until then, this could be a major step in the right direction. It should also open up the door for smaller mobile operating systems to become more successful as the thousands of Android apps will suddenly be available of their platform too.

[via TNW]

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