Exfm Relaunches To Make Music More Social


We’ve previously featured Exfm for their fantastic mobile app, but it is their web-based services that has had a makeover and worth talking about now.

Exfm offers users a browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, so that when users find songs when browsing the web (mp3s, SoundCloud embeds, etc) they are automatically stored in their Exfm accounts. Users can also “love” songs which puts them onto their Exfm Loved playlist. And why would you want to store these songs? Because you can then play them back from any computer that has a web connection, or even on your iPhone (and soon Android smartphone).

Alongside the relaunch, the Exfm team have given music bloggers a little Javascript player that lets users stream all songs from their pages (and love them right there without the plugin installed) – something music blogs have been missing since they mostly moved over to SoundCloud and the Yahoo Player and Streampad player stopped working a couple of years ago.

The other benefit of all these improvements is that Exfm now tracks more data about each song, so can show a Trending service that highlights the most popular tracks across the web in real-time as well as letting users browse by genre and highlighting some of the best music blogs in their Explore section.

The web just became your music library and discovery platform.

If you’re just getting started with Exfm – try following some tastemakers like Knox Road [web], Pasta Primavera [web], The Music Ninja [web], Listen Before You Buy [web], and The Blue Walrus [web] (our sister site).

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