Uhoh, New Java Exploit Found For Apple Mac OSX

antivirusComing only a few days after Apple had to quickly patch a previous vulnerability found in Java on OSX that was exploited by the Flashback malware – another piece of malware dubbed SabPub is now infecting Macs across the globe.

SabPub, or to give it its full name Backdoor.OSX.SabPub, is a little different to the Flashback malware in that it creates a custom backdoor onto Apple Mac OSX systems, allowing future attackers to both take screengrabs of the users’s screen as well as take remote control of the computer. The script itself has been obfuscated so as to avoid anti-malware detection systems and was first sent to the ThreatExpert website on April 12th.

This exploit is likely one of many having been rush-developed by hackers after the Flashback exploit found the security hole – with “drive by” infections now a problem if users simply visit an infectious webpage without the proper protection.

With two vulnerabilities found in just a matter of days, it seems that Apple can no longer claim to be such a secure OS – and their days of being secure through obscurity are over.

[via Computing]

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