Dagbladet Nyhetsstudio (News Studio)

Channelisation Tools Come To News Reporting With Dagbladet Nyhetsstudio (News Studio)

Dagbladet Nyhetsstudio (News Studio)
I have written about the future channelisation of content before and how new web technologies are starting to allow individuals or small focused groups to take content from various sources and wrap them together into their own specialised curated web channel. I was mostly thinking about groups taking recorded pieces of content like podcasts or videos to do this curating, even if the result was a live-broadcast stream – but Norway’s Dagbladet newspaper is offering exactly those tools with its live news feed.

Norway is currently under intense media scrutiny from across the world as the court case of racist killer Anders Breivik continues. Dagbladet is one of the countries top newspapers, with its website receiving 2.8 million readers each week – but they have taken this opportunity of their news being in the world’s spotlight with Nyhetsstudio (News Studio) – where users have access to the various live feeds coming into their producer’s gallery. Users can then pick which part of (often) live reporting that they want to watch at any point – opening the role of director.

Nyhetsstudio works both on web connected desktops and laptops and on devices like smartphones and tablets and is the first such foray into live video user-focused news curation that I’ve seen. Dagbladet do not, currently, let users link to their own live curated feeds, but this is a fantastic proof of the concept that such tools can be brought to the news room.

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